10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Relationship Strong

Sometimes we try so hard to express our love to our Significant Other, especially on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or his/her birthday.

An amazing outfit, a perfect hairstyle, a surprise gift and the best restaurant in town. You have the best date in your life and you make sure the whole world knows about it. When the day is over, all the excitement settles and things go back to the way they were. Work to do, dishes to clean, and a life to live. Now what?

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Love is not just about a day or two. Sometimes we focus too much on hitting the “couple goals” that we forget to keep the sparks fly in day-to-day life.

And no, I’m not talking about giving surprises or throwing a feast every day. Romantic scenes and verbal commitments are not enough to keep love alive. As pointed out in “The 5 Languages in Love“, it requires consistent efforts on our part to keep our relationship strong. 

That’s why we have rounded up 10 subtle ways to make you’re S.O. feel soooooooo loved. Trust me, happiness doesn’t always entail big declarations.

1. Be A Good Listener

This is definitely the primary way to keep your relationship strong. We all have bad days. If your partner comes home wining about annoying clients or the fussy boss, don’t just rush and jump into the “problem solving” mode. What he needs from you first and foremost, as an outsider, is your support and care. So just be a great wholehearted listener.

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2. Compliment Them Genuinely

Sometimes life gets in the way of love. You may feel like there’s no need to constantly praise you Significant Other because you two just know each other too well. But everyone needs to be loved, needed and worthy. So try to discover some new shining points of your partner and make sure you express your appreciation genuinely. Fake compliments only make things worse.

3. Physical Interaction

This could be a hug, a tap on the shoulder or a kiss, depending on the situation. Body language is the first language we learn, beyond all other spoken languages. It is the instinctive way of communicating love and emotions. A gentle hug from the back or a tender massage can be more powerful than long, dreaded conversations.

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4. Share His Interest

I know that it sounds big to develop a new hobby. But you can start a movie marathon of his choice. Or you can simply go out for golf or hike with him. Not only will it create a more topic for you two but also you will get to know your partner more. And who knows, you may find it fun as well!

5. Workout Together

Exercise encourages the secretion of endorphin, a magical chemical that makes people happy and excited. If you are tired of long-distance jogs, try weight training. It could help to release even more endorphin than cardio. To encourage your less sportive partner, take a 100 squat challenge together or try couple yoga. It will be both fun and emotional lifting.

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6. Go Shopping and Cook A Meal Together

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Sometimes the best meal isn’t really from the finest dining. Shopping and cooking together is a process of getting to know each even more. Cooking is stress relieving. And scientists also suggest healthy food choices such as fish can boost happiness. By bringing healthy recipes into your routine, you link your presence with a sense of content in your partner’s mind.

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7. Write Him A Note

With the blooming modern technology, we don’t really have lots of chances to write each other anything. If you don’t know what to say, write him a simple thank-you note for grabbing your coffee on the way home. It can make the day special.

8. “If you need, I’m here for you.”

Sometimes bad things happen and trigger our survival mode. If he is looking for an emotional hide-out, give them spaces to cool things down and let them know your love and support are their strongest back.

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9. Communicate With Your Full Attention

Sounds pretty easy, right? But that’s actually neglected by most people. In a relationship, time is more expensive and valuable than any luxurious gifts. So try to put down your phone, drag yourself out from the feeds and start to really concentrate on the communication. It’s a way to show respect as well as love.

10. Explore The Unknown

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We always want to feel secure in a relationship. But when everything is monotonous, we are bored. So spice things up by trying something new. Go dancing, go skydiving, go on an unplanned trip or try some new things on bed:),  uncertainty can sometimes be the key to keep the romance alive.

So what do you think? What’s your special trick to keep your spouse hooked? Share yours in the comment! 

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