Month: November 2017

5 Actionable Tips That Help You to Survive Christmas Depression

After Thanksgiving, one of the biggest moments of the year is about to come! Yay, it’s Christmas. Holiday, parties, family reunions, just nothing better than Christmas, right? Well…Think again. Christmas can sometimes be pretty stressful to handle and some of us even suffer from severe Christmas depression.(say whatttttt????) The images of joyful family gathering flood …

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Citrine-The Stone of Abundance

Citrine crystal is one of the rarest healing crystals in nature. In most cases, it’s transparent with yellow or orange color. However, it’s very difficult to find natural citrine in the wild. Most of the citrine we see today is transformed from another member of the quartz family – Amethyst. When the purple amethyst undergoes heat treatment, the trace of …

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