21 Ideas of Dating Yourself That Prove Being Single is Beautiful

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Most of us have spent the time to do some planning for a date. But I guess most people, probably you as well, haven’t dated the most important person in our life. Yes, that’s you.

This is one of the biggest benefits of being single. It literally forces you to date yourself and learns to love yourself. So don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself single on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or your birthday. It can be the best day of the year if you plan your self-date correctly.

We have rounded up 21 self-date ideas that will change how you feel about being single

21 Self-date Ideas

1. Movie Night Out

Movie night out- 21 Self-date Ideas

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Yes, you will be surrounded by the crazy-in-love couples but if the film is good enough, who cares anyway? Oh, don’t forget to check if there’s an available discount on the ticket.

2. Sofa Movie marathon

Don’t wanna go out? Get a Netflix date or you can just watch My Bloody Valentine’s over and over again.

3. Treat yourself with your guilty pleasure

Forget about your ketogenic diet (for one day). If you love chocolate or cookies, just go for it and don’t even think about the guilt. It’s all about treating yourself.

4. Get yourself a new look

Get that dress in the window that you’ve been longing for. Get it on and look at the new you in the mirror. You will be amazed how fresh you look and how happy you are with just being you.

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5. Take a relaxing bath

A hot bath will warm your body and calm your soul. Take however long you want until you soak all your blues in the water.

6. Shoot your new profile picture

Hire a photographer to take a new profile photo for you. It’s not just a self-gift but can also elevate your confidence in the professional world. After all, a good image can do all the talking for you.

7. Make a donation

Donate your old clothes, old stuff or money to a good cause. Doing a good deed helps to boost happiness and enhance the sense of worth.

8. Brunch at your favorite café

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Honestly, enjoy the perfect view and Egg Benedict and start the day with tons of self-love.

9. Go on a solo karaoke

Singing helps to relieve stress and depression. Pick some songs, sing it out and embrace your inner diva.

10. Hit the gym and sweat

If you are super bumped out of being single, you can actually use some endorphins. And honestly what can be better than sweating your way to a perfect body and pure joy!

11. Read a book

that may bring you a bigger sense of content than any boyfriend.

12. Go on a date with Mother Nature

Woods, sunshine, and streams are powerful natural mood lifters. Go on a hike in the nearest trail or a solo picnic by the lake. Let the soothing breeze be your best companion.

13. Cook yourself a real dinner and enjoy it with candles lit

Try a new recipe or simply create one. Light up some candles and treat yourself just like a formal table-for-two.

14. Get a tattoo

A tattoo can be a self-motivation, a motto, a statement and so much more. If you’ve been longing for putting some “attitude” on your body, go for it.

15. Get yourself some freshness delivered to your doorstep

Your body deserves the best thing on earth. The amazon prime members can a free trial of freshness delivered straight to your home. If you are not a prime member, you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial and students can enjoy a free trial up to 6 months

16. Go out and Shop

Hit all the shops yelling “V-day Special Offer” and get all the things you want with the almost-best price of the year.

17. Go on a vacation

If you don’t have any planning, follow the 3 steps: check out Airbnb, book an awesome house and pack your bags and let’s get the party started. Who knows, maybe your meant-to-be is booking the tickets for the same destination as well.

18. Take a day off from social media

Who cares about all the roses and chocolate while you can get all these by yourself. Unplug from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for one day and enjoy some me-time with the real you.

19. Try all the V-day deals with your single partner-in-crime

50% off dinner deal for two? Why not? They don’t need an id to verify your relationship, right?

20. Play a game that satisfies your wild imagination

Download a simulation game of any kind, such as Episode. Choose a story and type in the name of your secret crush. And Do Whatever You Want.

21. Post a Galentine’s Day selfie

Throw a celebration party and get all your single friends here. Get a crazily gorgeous selfie that hijacks everyone’s Instagram feed

So here you go. I hope that you find it helpful and really wants to give it a try. If you have any single friends that need some inspirations, share our post with them. Want more inspirations? Subscribe to our newsletter and download the free calendar with inspiring quotes for the whole 2018.

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