35 Adorable Cancer Tattoo Ideas To Impress Everyone

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Just like its water sign peers Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer is very good at picking up details. Those who were born under the sign of Cancer are usually great observers and know exactly what’s going on under the table.

They might look all chill and calm. But for a lot of them, there’s a waving sea of emotions in their mind. They are extremely sensitive, caring and loyal to their friends. 

Sometimes they care others too much that it put them on an emotional swing. So if you are a dearly Cancer, always remember to put yourself first. 

When it comes to getting a zodiac-related tattoo, the first thing that jumps to mind may be crabs – the symbol of the Cancer sign. 

But Cancer is so much more than that. That’s why we’ve put together 35 amazing astrology tattoo ideas for this moody sign. If you are searching for your next ink, hope these ideas will inspire you. 

Now onto the ideas.

Note: This post is for inspiration only. Please don’t copy the designs.
You can find a tattoo designer locally or on Fiverr. And go follow these tattoo artists and give them some love:) 

35 Stunning Cancer tattoos you'll love

An abstract fine line tattoo of Cancer and Taurus zodiac symbols

Black and grey Libra tattoo for girls

Black and grey Libra tattoo for girls - Best zodiac sign tattoo ideas - OurMindfulLife.com

Tattoo design from tattooist_sigak

Above the knee Cancer zodiac and constellation tattoos

Ankle tattoo ideas for friends

"The hidden crab" Cancer arm tattoo

A tribal Cancer shoulder tattoo

A complex tattoo design combining Cancer, Libra and Leo

A delicate floral Cancer sign symbol

Matching Cancer constellation tattoos for couple

A tiny Cancer symbol ankle tattoo

Cancer constellation and ruby tattoo on the chest

Ruby is considered as the birthstone for Cancers. For girls that opt for a “crab-free” Cancer tattoo, getting a ruby ink is a creative and unique approach.

A blackwork sophisticated Cancer tattoo on the sleeve

Sea in the moon forearm tattoo

Cancer sign is ruled by the moon. And as a water sign, Cancers are born aspiring for freedom. 

This unique arm tattoo brings the moon and the waving sea together, perfectly demonstrate the wild side of Cancer.

A water sign rib tattoo

A cute Cancer universe tattoo for girls

A comic tattoo for the absolute moody Cancers

An Artemis tattoo

Sometimes it’s hard to find a perfect Cancer tattoo for girls because crabs are not the most beautiful thing to be inked.

If you are looking for a more delicate and feminine way to show your Cancer pride, think about the Goddess of the sign – Artemis. 

In Greek mythology, Artemis is in charge of the Moon, which is also the ruling planet of the Cancer sign

Find a promising tattoo design that combines these two elements and voilà, you’ll have a Cancer tattoo that is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

A between-the-boobs crab tattoo

Geometric couple tattoos for Pisces

Cancer is one of (if not) the most emotional signs out of the 12 zodiacs. 

As ruled by the moon, the change of the planet itself may highly affect the crabbies’ mood. This moon phase tattoo may be a calming reminder when you are hit by an emotional roller-coaster.

Moon with cancer sign tattoo

An orchid sleeve tattoo - the flower of Cancer sign

A unique third-eye hamsa crab tattoo

A peony crab tattoo

A funny crab tattoo

An astrology crab tattoo on the back of neck

A traditional Cancer girl tattoo with stunning colors

A cute dotwork crab tattoo just above the ankle

Matching zodiac couple tattoos on the wrist

Cancer constellation tattoo on back of the shoulder

A Caner sign ankle tattoo for minimalists

An eye-catching crab tattoo on the leg

Matching fine line wrist tattoos for friends or sisters

A different take on the crab

Cancer sign and constellation tattoo

A pair of tribal Cancer tattoos

A detailed tribal crab tattoo

Want to know more about Cancer’s personality traits? Check out this informative video down below!

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