The Ultimate Guide To Meditation 2018

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Being someone who constantly struggled with focus issues, I am truly aware of how meditation has improved my life. It has been one of the blessings of my life for the past couple years.

Helpful as it is, meditation is not to master easily. I have lost focusfailed asleep so often as a beginner that I started to question myself. But I’ve found my way out and maybe my experiences will be helpful for you. That’s why I have rounded up a meditation guide and resources package.

In this post, you will find everything you need to start(or improve) your meditation today, including the baby steps of meditation, free music and video resources and some helpful tools of effective meditation.

In this post you will find
  • A beginner’s guide to meditation
  • 7 Steps To Meditate Effectively
  • Most Common Mistakes For New Meditators
  • How to Stay Focused In Meditation
  • How to Meditate Without Falling Sleep
  • How to Meditate When You Have No Time At All
  • Best Free Youtube Videos For Meditation
  • Free Meditation Music

1. A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation

Definition Of Meditation In Plain English

I could probably write a 50,000-words essay to answer this question. But if I need to sum it up, I would say it is a training for your brain muscles.  Take dancing as an example. In order to do certain moves, you have to practice controlling a certain part of muscles.For me, meditation does the same kind of trick that helps us to regain control of our mind, to think and to function the way we want.  As I believe, it’s also a process of learning to make peace with your own mind and to declutter from various unrelated and disturbing thoughts.

3 Greatest Benefits Of Meditation

If there’s one thing you can do to improve your overall well-being with only 5 minutes per day, that must be meditation. Here are 3 scientifically proven benefits:

  • Meditation eases stress and anxiety

Research shows that during meditation, our metabolism rate drops and both our brain and body turn into a deep healing mode. Our stress level goes down, and our brain function is more fully developed. 

  • Meditation increases our brain functionality and productivity

Scientists measured the brain wave during meditation and a higher incidence of alpha waves was shown.That means we are more concentrated in a productive mode. With long-term practices, our intelligence will enhance as well. 

  • Meditation improves physical health

Tests show that the deep calming effect of meditation is extremely restful and rejuvenating for the heart. It also helps to treat with high blood pressure.   These are only the fundamental ones. Meditation is also used for weight loss, quitting smoking, curing depression and more. It is the definitely the most powerful exercise for a better psychological and physical Life. But how to meditate in the first place?

2. How To Meditate? - 7 Basic Steps

1. Find a quiet place

A place that you will not be disturbed for the next 20 minutes. If you are dedicated to meditating, you should have a specific room or corner for meditation. You can decorate it with everything that speaks to you spiritually including crystals, candles and more.

2. Sit in a posture suitable for meditation

You can start with sitting cross-legged. Your back should be straight and eyes closed. Your knees should be placed well on the ground. This pillow that people “love like a first born child provides great support for your spine and help you to truly relax and sit during your sessions. 

3. Gently close your eyes

This is an essential technique of shutting yourself from the world. Closing the eyes directs the attention to the internal awareness, the main goal of meditation.

4. Relax

Relax your whole body and mind. You can actually feel your tightened muscles beginning to soften little by little as your mind starts to concentrate on nothing but yourself.

5. Watch the space and the darkness

Put your attention to the flow of your thoughts that passes your mind. Watch how these thoughts rise and fall. This time, your subconscious becomes more vibrant and aware.

6. Take as long as you want or need  

 7. Open your eyes and call it an endAfter the meditation, rub your two hands and give warmth to your face. This will help you return to your other activities.

✅Tip: To better improve your experience, document your feelings with a meditation journal each time after session. You will be able to see the changes you’ve made along the way.

3. Most Common Mistakes

Mistake#1 You can meditate anywhere you want

At my first few sessions, I have difficulties finding the most comfortable posture for meditation. I tried meditating on my bed. It was too soft and most of the stress was then transferred to my back and neck. I also tried it on my yoga mat. It was too thin and made it painful to sit still for even 5 minutes.

source: Giphy

Trust me, you will need a GOOD meditation pillow. It provides support for your spine and back, thus aids you to maintain proper posture throughout the session so you don’t won’t suffer from a sore back or neck!

Mistake#2 Force yourself for the “PERFECT” session

For meditation beginners, the most common mistake is forcing yourself to “go blank” for the entire process. Remember, there’s a learning curve for meditation as well. You are going to get better and better each time.

4. Most Common Challenges and How To Deal With Them

#1 How To Stay Focused in Meditation

Staying focused might be the most difficult thing to do for every meditation beginner. That’s why you will need a mantra. By repeating your mantra with your eyes closed, it’s easier to stop your mind from wandering around.

How can the repetition of a word or a few words have the capacity to bring about such miraculous results? It is all based on a simple psychological principle: “You become what you think you are.”  

Another answer to this question is TECHNOLOGY.  They all say technology is a big distraction for us. Though I am not a gadget lover, but I would definitely want to have someone or something telling myself “STFU” when needed…

And I found this new solution that may be helpful – a gear to keep you focused and stay awake in meditation. This meditation headband went viral after being recommended by Wall Street Journal and Consumers’ Report.

By automatically detecting your brain waves, the headband will gently remind you of different sounds when your mind starts to wander off. It serves just as a meditation coach that always drags you back on the right track.

#2 How To Meditate Without Falling Asleep

That’s why you need to be in the right posture in the first place! Sitting straight will help you to concentrate without falling sleep. A meditation room or a meditation corner is a must

This small space is dedicated to meditation or mindful practice only. Not for entertainment. Not for sleep. 

Once your brain accepts the settings, it will turn you into the “meditation mode” when you are in your sacred corner. Playing soothing music will help to keep your mind calm and aware as well.

#3 How to Organize Your Own Thoughts

Well… Talk to yourself never hurts. 

You are what you think.  And how you talk to yourself when you are using your meditation techniques can bring you up and calm you if you know what to say.  Be your own narrative to describe everything that comes to your mind. You will get your composure in the midst of your busy world.

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#4 How To Meditation IF YOU HAVE NO TIME AT ALL

source: Giphy

Meditation only takes about 5 minutes a day and it will make a great difference. But what if you are a GIRL BOSS that is just too busy? Here are techniques that you can still somehow meditate:

  • Fully utilize using the time on transportation

If you use public transportation to go to work,  find a seat, close your eyes and concentrate on correct breathing.

The secret to these train or bus sessions is not to fall asleep and to concentrate extra hard on maintaining the focus. You will find your day enlightened with maximum productivity. * Tip: Try to use an app (such as Headspace or Calm) or meditation music to keep your mind away from the surrounding noises.

  • 5-minute post workout

Do you go to the gym or work out regularly at home? This can be a good time to tag in a short meditation session. After you finished your workout, take 5 minutes to stretch yourself with your eyes closed. Try to cool your mind and body down before the shower. It could work wonders.

The secret to these train or bus sessions is not to fall asleep and to concentrate extra hard on maintaining the focus. You will find your day enlightened with maximum productivity.

  • Walking meditation

source: Giphy

This method is actually very popular among the monks. In order for this to work, you need to breathe and walk at a slow pace. You might get distracted especially if there are other people on the track and when this happens, simply acknowledge it and continue what you are doing.

Snatched meditation sessions spread through the day may not be the stuff of traditional meditation, but they are certainly better than none at all. To combine with fully dedicated sessions, you will be able to return to work at the top of is game every weekday morning.

5. Best Videos For Meditation

These are some videos that I found really HELPFUL for meditation beginners or those who want to take one step forward :

  • Meditation for beginners –

This is my go-to youtube channel when seeking a trace of peace. It helped me a lot when I knew definitely nothing about mental growth and mindfulness. In this video, the benefits and techniques of meditation are thoroughly explained.

  • Learn to meditate – Boho Beautiful

This video can be used in your first session, with soothing music and clear instructions, it will make your first try a pleasant experience.

  • All it takes is 10 mindful minutes – TED Talk

A famous TED speech was given by the creator of Headspace. (BTW it’s also my favorite app for meditation as well). His points about mindfulness are actually mind-blowing and will make you want to jump-start meditation right away.

  • Learn to meditate – Boho Beautiful

This video can be used in your first session, with soothing music and clear instructions, it will make your first try a pleasant experience.

6. Free Music For Meditation

1. Natural soothing sound of singing bowl

I love love love singing bowls. Listening to them are just joyful. You can make your own soothing sound with one of these most popular singing bowls 

2. Mood enhancing meditation music

3. Ocean waves meditation music

4. Deep relaxation music for meditation and better sleep

  Looking for more? Here are some of the most loved meditation music.

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