15 Signs that You Are In A Toxic Relationship

It seems to us that 2017 is not the best year. With conflicts, dramas and even tragedies that happened, it is a relief that we are embracing a new year –  and a new chance to change things. For many people, the best way to celebrate the new year is to get a new outfit, a new hairstyle, a new car, make new year resolutions…But to start fresh, it is equally important to break away from unpleasant stuff and…people. We believe that you deserve the best things in your life. A broken relationship will hold you back from enjoying the happiness you should have. No relationship is perfect, but if yours meet some of these signs, it should be ringing your bell.

15 signs of a toxic relationship

1. You are constantly trying to please 

An inspiring relationship should be mutually encouraging. Instead, if you are always doing things just to make him/her happy out of the feelings that you are not good enough, you should reconsider if your relationship’s lacking affirmations. 

2. Lack of respect

Sometimes we make jokes and call each other names. There’s a difference between doing it for fun and crossing the line. If he/she personally insults you without considering your feelings, em, I guess you know what to do. 

3. You feel uncomfortable to talk about your relationship problems with them

No relationship’s perfect. But responsible adults know how to face with and solve their problems. If you can already imagine your partner yelling, crying, judging or simply running away before you put up a problem, he/she has failed you somehow, from other aspects of life. 

4. You feel better off being alone or with friends

It simply indicates that you are not enjoying the companion and presence of your SO. You feel more excited talking with your friend or more fulfilled reading a book by yourself. And a date with your partner is simply a boredom or pain. 

5. “Future” is a taboo

Relationships is a lifetime thing and it takes planning. If one is serious about the relationship, the future plans should be a regular topic. If he/she simply avoid talking about anything long-term with you, what’s the point of devoting your time and effort to a relationship that’s not going anywhere? 

6. You always got left alone when you need help

Support is the foundation of mutual trust. If he/she is always absent when you need some help and love, it’s very difficult to say that you are in a truly mature and supportive relationship. 

7. You feel jeopardized by double standards

“I don’t like that you spent too much time hanging out with your ‘coworkers’.”“Well, I don’t like it either when you choose to go party with your friends without letting me know.”“Are you saying that I am cheating on you? You are not trusting me.”You got the idea. 

8. You got sunk in jealousy

Those who truly love you in the right way will spoil you with security and pleasure. A little jealousy is ok, but if that has become the theme of your relationship, you might need to consider the reason. 

9. He/She drowns you with negativity

It may be cruel to say so, but it is difficult, or nearly impossible to change someone that is really negative. The negativity may come from their childhood experiences, toxic family environment or emotional trauma of all kinds.If all he/she talks about is based on hate, regret or loath, they will drag you into the swirl.

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10. You feel drained

If you constantly feel exhausted being with someone, that’s your body reacting to the unpleasant energy coming from him/her. Maybe you are forcing yourself to do something you don’t genuinely want just to please your partner. Maybe you are being the only adult in the relationship and have to take care of everything. Any of these reasons should have you reconsider.


11. Your efforts are unappreciated

A good lover knows how to express their gratitude. Letting your partner know that they are grateful for what they do is important and encourage a positive give-and-take cycle.

If your loved one is not giving you any positive feedback no matter how much you do, it could be that 1) they are taking you for granted, 2) your efforts are unvalued to them.


12. You are the “invisible” one

If you are not dating a “paparazzi target” of any kind, your relationship should not be kept in secret. If he/she never talked to anyone about you and you are basically invisible in his/her social profile, that means you are either dating a narcissist or he/she is trying to “remain” single.. and available.


13. He/She has no time for you

It is totally understandable to skip one day or two with you just because of a tight schedule. There’s nothing bad to achieve a work-life-relationship balance. But if you feel like you are prioritized behind their work, family, dogs, friends,  online games and more (you name it), that means you are not being taken seriously and you deserve better.

14. You try to distract your attention from your partner

It’s a human nature to run away from pain and stress. If your relationship is disappointing and torturing, we turn to other people or stuff to find a way out of the misery. But love should be comforting and exciting. If it’s too painful to handle, let it go.

15. Everyone around you thinks that you are too good for him/her

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if a relationship is toxic or not because you are in the middle of it. But if everyone you know says so, there’s must be a reason for it. Once you step out of it and see it in an outsider’s perspective, you would be glad that you made the right call.


 Have you ever been in a toxic relationship that made you say “I should have known”? Leave a comment down below and maybe you can save someone who is suffering or check out the quotes to help you leave a toxic relationship.



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  1. in in a toxic relationship my boyfriend calls me names when he doesn’t get it his way. he goes on dating sites behind my back all the time

    1. Hey Donna. Sorry about your current situation. Are you still with him now? Maybe you guys can talk things through and let him know about your frustration. But if he is a total bully, leaving him may be the best choice.

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