9 Subtle Things That Keep A Relationship Strong and Healthy

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Being in a relationship is more than hitting the marks. And happiness doesn’t always entail big declarations.

Sometimes a compliment, a hug or a small act of kindness would mean a lot more than expensive anniversary gifts.

But we get it, it’s easier said than done. It’s not that most of us aren’t willing to make extra efforts. Sometimes we just forget to express love and care to our partner on a daily basis.

We’ve rounded up 9 small things that keep a relationship strong and healthy. If you are struggling to spoil your Significant Other and to bring the romance back, time to check what’s missing.

How To Keep A Relationship Strong

1. Be A Good Listener


This is definitely the primary way to keep your relationship strong. 

We all have bad days. And in those days, we all want someone to be there and listen to us. Having the attention from our loved ones is a part of self-healing from stress and trauma.

If your bae comes home talking about annoying clients or the fussy boss, this is him looking for your attention. Instead of jumping right into a  “problem solving” mode, try to listen to what he needs to say and show sympathy accordingly.

2. Words Of Compliment

We all have so many things to worry about these days, and giving your sweetie words of praise may not be one of them. 

But a study shows that happy couples have 5 times of positive interactions than negative ones. They use words, actions and physical interactions to express affection. And compliments are a big part of it.

Try to discover some new shining points of your partner and make sure you express your appreciation genuinely.


3. Physical Interaction


This could be a hug, a tap on the shoulder or a kiss, simple as that. 

Body language is the first language we learn, beyond all other spoken languages. It is the instinctive way of communicating love and emotions. 

A gentle hug from the back or a tender massage can be way more powerful than long conversations or texts.

4. Share Hobbies


All couples need to have something in common to keep them together. That’s why those who share the same passion tend to feel more happy in a relationship.

If you already have your go-to couple activity, great! If not, start from sharing each other’s favorite movies.

List things that each of you love to do and make them a theme of your dates. You’ll soon find more exciting ways to spend time together.


5. Workout Together

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It’s said that those sweat together, stay together. And it’s right for a reason.

Exercise encourages the secretion of endorphin – a magical chemical that makes people happy and excited. If you are tired of long-distance jogs, try weight training. It could help to release even more endorphin than cardio.

To encourage your less sportive partner, take a 100 squat challenge together or try couple yoga. It will be both fun and emotional lifting.

6. Cook Together


Never underestimate the magic of food (and teamwork as well). Sometimes the best meals are the homemade ones.

Shopping and cooking together can be a relaxing bonding activity for couples. It creates a circumstance for both of you to talk and make decisions together.

If you are both foodies, cooking together can also bring up the memory of a food hunt or a nice meal you had together. Or you can share Grandma’s best apple pie recipe and make one again!

7. Write Him A Note

With the blooming modern technology, we don’t really have lots of chances to write each other anything. 

If you don’t know what to say, write him a simple thank-you note for grabbing your coffee on the way home. It can make the day special.

8. “If you need, I’m here for you.”

Sometimes bad things happen and trigger our survival mode. 

If he is looking for an emotional hide-out, give them spaces to cool things down and let them know your love and support are their strongest back.

9 Easy ways to keep love alive in your relationship  - OurMindfulLife.com

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9. Explore The Unknown

9 Easy ways to keep love alive in your relationship  - OurMindfulLife.com

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We always want to feel secure in a relationship. But when everything is monotonous, we are bored. 

So spice things up by trying something new. 

Go dancing, go skydiving, go on an unplanned trip. Uncertainty can spice us a relationship and keep the romance alive.

So here are 9 tips to keep a relationship strong and healthy. Do you have one that made your relationship better? Share with us in the comment!

3 thoughts on “9 Subtle Things That Keep A Relationship Strong and Healthy”

  1. Great post! I think Num 8 is the my favorite one. Showing that we will always be around even when things get wrong is so rare nowadays and makes it more and more valuable. It’s so easy to be together when everything’s alright. Hard moments however are for those who take the decision to stick together.

  2. Great reminders for everday living and loving. Anyone can give you gifts; that special person gives you his heart and trusts that you will treasure it💖

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