7 Strategies to Avoid Overeating or Binge Eating on Holidays

So you have been trying hard to stick to your diet and have been losing weight. And here comes a long, dreaded holiday season. 

Now what? 

Christmas is a challenge for those who have suffered or are suffering from eating disorders. 

On holidays when everyone is throwing a feast, we are surrounded by temptations.

Pizzas, donuts and the home-baked pie remind you of the happy childhood memories and can easily trigger holiday overeating or even worse, binge eating. 

There are simply too many social obligations full of temptations! 

After all these mental fights I have gone through along the way, there are some tips I found pretty helpful to avoid binge-eating or over-eating on holidays like Christmas. 

But first, let’s begin by listing things that we don’t want to do during Christmas:

Things you shouldn’t be doing on holidays

– Completely forbid yourself from eating all the “unhealthy” food

– Avoid any occasions where you can find all the tempting food

– Feel guilty once you take that bite

So what can we do to avoid the avalanche of binge-eating on holidays?

7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Overeating or Binge Eating

1. Identify your binge food and say NO to it

To some of us, a certain kind of food may relate to our happy memory or someone special.

They trigger our binging signal.

So try to think about the food you mostly binge on and how the binging is formed.

Maybe your binge food is chocolate and you’ve seemed plenty of it on a party.

Try something else when you feel like eating, maybe a cupcake or whatever, just not chocolate.

We have introduced some great healing crystals that will help to get through binge eating. 

2. H.A.L.T your binging urges

Binging is eating when you don’t need to and can’t seem to stop. 

So when the “party favors” trigger your urges to binge, identify what it really comes from  

1) Hungry 

2) Anxious 

3) Lonely 

4) Tired

That’s the famous H.A.L.T. theory. So instead of jumping into food immediately, figure out the reason and try to do something else to deal with it.  

3. When things are too much for you to handle, STEP AWAY

Feel free to step away from a family dinner when you are overwhelmed by the food.

Pretend that you need to take a call or get a glass o water. Just go out for some me-time to calm down. 

4. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink plenty plenty plenty of water! When you are thirsty, your brain may misinterpret the thirst for hunger. 

A glass of warm water or lemonade can always identify the “false hunger”.

5. Tell your family or friends about your fear

Feel no shame about telling your loved ones your worries for binging. Getting the social support is important for developing healthy eating habits. 

Moreover, they won’t be considering you as “unfriendly” when you say no to the food they offer. 

Accepting your vulnerability is the first step towards success over binging.

6. Create your binge replacement list

I believe that holiday overeating or simply overeating is a problem both mental and physical. 

So in order to beat this habit, we need to replace it with other mental and physical comfort.

Mental Comfort:

  • Meditation

Meditation is always at the top of my go-to lists to calm my mind. It would be even better to meditate with some healing crystals to keep your mind on track and prevent the avalanching indulges.

  • Petting

I love playing with my dog. She is the cuties distraction in the world.

  • Movie Marathon

If you have time on holiday that might turn you to boredom eating, try filling in the blank with amazing movies!

  • Listening to soothing music

For me, the relaxing and soothing music works best. But sometimes EDM might do the magic as well!

  • Reading a novel

Always get a book with you on holiday that is easy to carry around.

Physical Comfort:

  • A hot bath

A bath can relax the whole body. And by raising your body temperature, the urge to eat decrease as well.

  • Light up an aromatic candle 

The scent will calm our mind and also distract your brain from feeling hungry. To upgrade the game, get yourself an aromatic essence diffuser as a healing Christmas gift. It will provide you with better control of the relaxing process.


  • At home workout

You don’t need to urge yourself to go to the gym. Some simple at home workouts would do the job. I love to go to spotebi.com for workout plans that actually work in less than 20 minutes.

  • Yoga

Yoga is my new favorite. It’s not too physically demanding but help to strengthen and tone your body. I have built a board of yoga guide and inspirations on Pinterest. If you are new to yoga just like me, go check it out.

  • Jogging

A mild jog for 10 minutes can make a difference. Make sure you drink enough water before and after the jog. 

7. Take a nap

If you are feeling tired, it’s more easy for you to binge. 

Moreover, according to nutritionists, our body secretes hormones to raise blood sugar when we sleep in order to kick-start after waking up. 

And our appetite would reduce after a nap. So try taking a nap in between meals, that may help to restore your energy from holiday bustle and calm your hunger.  

So what methods do you use to avoid overeating or binge eating on holidays? Comment down below and share with us!

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  1. I really love these ideas, over the past few weeks I’ve been seriously thinking more about my binge eating. I will try some of these strategies this week. Thank you

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