Amethyst – the Stone of Compassion

There are tens of thousands of different crystals or gemstones. But this purple cutie is definitely among the most wanted. Geology described amethyst crystal as “the world’s most popular purple gemstone“.  And it’s also one of the most widely-used healing crystals on earth due to its power.

During its formation, traces of iron mixed into the magma. The amount of iron has a great influence on its color. And as we have mentioned in the healing properties of citrine, heat can change the structure and the vitality of iron in amethyst. Thus, most citrine in the market today actually come from amethyst.

Sad Story Behind A Gorgeous Crystal


Dionysus with a cup of wine image from Wikimedia

The gorgeous amethyst healing crystal gets its name from the ancient Greek word “amethustos“, meaning “sobriety”. But there’s actually a sad story behind it.

In Greek mythology, there was a young virgin named Amethyst.

She was beautiful and innocent. Unfortunately, she met Dionysus by accident. Dionysus was a Greek God drunken by red wine.

After he was insulted by a mortal, he threatened to kill the next mortal he saw with angry tigers. The poor Amethyst was the victim of his wrath.

She cried out for help to the Goddess Artemis who turned her into a clear, transparent stone to keep her away from being harmed by tigers.

When Dionysus regained sobriety, he felt so terrible for what he had done that his tears dropped into a glass of red wine.

The wine spilled all over the clear stone and dyed it to a purple color. It then became the Amethyst crystal as we know today. Since then, it is the symbol of sobriety and a clear mind.

Who Should Use Amethyst - Healing Properties of Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst crystals are known for its close connection with the crown chakra. It has the power of opening the crown chakra. 

By doing so, it can help the owner to see what’s really going on.

Sometimes we are blindfolded by things that happened or might happen and get preoccupied. Amethyst crystal can help to resolve the situation. 

By opening our crown chakra, it can help us to see the reality and conquer blind optimism or pessimism with a peaceful mind.

For those workaholics with a crazy work ethic, amethysts can help to restore their energy. At the same time, it can help them to calm the overexcited mind and enjoy the balance between work and life

Also putting a piece of amethyst under the pillow can be of great help in treating insomnia.

Amethyst is also the stone of compassion. It encourages communication between the crown chakras from different people and helps to build up an honest and heart-felt interpersonal relationship. It can help to transform a toxic working or living environment into a place filled with compassion and honesty.

Tibetans have a tradition of using the amethyst crystal as beads for praying. They believe that it can protect people’s soul from the harmful and toxic energies from the outside.

Therefore, amethyst is also a great healing crystal for travelers to keep them safe and content all the way.

Amethyst and Health

As we have mentioned in the beginner healing guide, purple hearing crystals perform as an amplifier. 

It enhances the effect of all other crystals. Amethyst is the same. Moreover, it can strengthen the owner’s physical vitality and speed up the recovery from illness or injury.


In addition, amethyst is also good for those who suffer from disorders that may harm the function of pancreas, spleen and lungs.

It also aids in strengthening the reproductive system and encourage fertility.

The Protection of Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is a healing crystal with high hardness. 

However, other objects or crystals with sharp edges might scrape its surface. 

7 Reasons Why Amethyst is so popular
7 Reasons Why Amethyst is so popular

And as we have mentioned in the treatment of citrine, heat and sunshine might also change the physical structure of the amethyst and turn it into citrine.  

So it’s better to be kept in a jewelry box or any other isolated places without the exposure to the sun.

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