80 Aquarius Tattoos That Are Just As Creative As The Sign

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If you are someone who falls into the zodiac sign of Aquarius, you have every reason to be proud of yourself. 

It seems to be a natural thing for Aquarians to thrive in various areas. People who are born under the Aquarius sign, like Micheal Jordan, Oprah Winfrey and Cristiano Ronaldo, has a talent to turn passion into remarkable success

They are also considered as sensitive, intelligent and somehow quirky. They think differently, talk differently and have unique aesthetics

It’s not very likely for Aquarians to act like the majority. They just stand out no matter what they are doing, even when they don’t intend to.

When it comes to getting a perfect ink to showcase your Aquarian pride, uniqueness is key

While most of zodiac tattoos are often associated with the zodiac symbol or its ruling planet, Aquarians may need a little more than that.

That’s why we’ve gathered 80 of the best Aquarius tattoos, breaking down into different categories. From sleek constellation tattoos to totally badass tribal patterns, you will find your Aquarius ink-spirations in this post.

80 Stunning Aquarius Tattoos With Meanings

20 Zodiac Symbol Tattoos For Aquarians

A black and white Aquarius arm tattoo

A simple line tattoo on the wrist

A wavy Aquarius sign on the back of the neck

A zodiac symbol under the chest

A color Aquarius tattoo on side of the rib

Blackwork wrist tattoo

A wave symbol tattoo with a cute twist

An ankle tattoo of Uranus and Aquarius

A small hand tattoo for women

A matching couple tattoo for Aquarian lovebirds

A black tattoo below collarbone

An arrow tattoo mixed with the Aquarius zodiac sign

A small finger tattoo

A black zodiac tattoo behind the ear

Symmetric back tattoos

A brush stroke tattoo that can go big or small

Rib tattoos for best friends

Consider yourself lucky if you and your bestie are both Aquarius-born. This would also be a great tattoo idea for you and your better half.

Aquarius symbol finger tattoos

As the zodiac sign of friendship, what can be better than getting inked with your besties?

A twisted stoke tattoo on the upper chest

A wrist tattoo in black ink

Play around with the Water-bearer symbol: 20 Perfect Examples

Aquarius is associated with the symbolism of the Water Bearer in Greek mythology. 

The water pouring out from the vessel represents a strong desire for freedom. Thus most of the Aquarians thrive when they are not restricted by strict rules or pressure.

The water-bearer, and the water element, are the evergreen themes of Aquarius tattoo designs. But it may be a little tricky to find the one that suits you most. 

If you are opting for the water-bearer symbol, these tattoo ideas that may help you.

A small water-bearer arm tattoo for men and women

A blackwork tattoo on the forearm

A black and grey water bearer tattoo on the back

A black and grey water bearer tattoo on the back - Stunning zodiac tattoo ideas - ourmindfullife.com

Tattoo design from tattooist_sigak

A small but intricate wrist tattoo

The water-bearer goddess arm tattoo for women

A realistic Aquarius arm tattoo

A colored tattoo that is bold and elegant

A Greek tattoo for both men and women

An eye-catching forearm tattoo

A small tribal tattoo on the back

A unique forearm tattoo

An Aquarius tattoo isn’t always equal to the water vessel. This cute tattoo twist the concept of the “water carrier” into something unique and meaningful. 

It would be a perfect tattoo for girls that don’t want to scream “I’m an Aquarian”.

A traditional tattoo on the arm

A sparkling back tattoo

A realistic water-bearer tattoo

A geometric ankle tattoo

An abstract Aquarius tattoo on the back

A daring color tattoo

An upper-arm tattoo for men

A detailed black tattoo that is bold and beautiful all-in-one

A small vessel on the back

Add a little personal touch: 28 Unique and Meaningful Tattoos for Aquarius

The crying girl tattoo design for Aquarius

A realistic dolphin tattoo that combines the water element and Aquarius constellation

The Aquarius goddess tattoo on the upper-arm

A Saturn back tattoo mixed with Aquarius constellation

A cute tattoo for Aquarius-born girls

A traditional American tattoo on the forearm

An intricate portrait tattoo with water-bearer symbol

A geometric chest tattoo to showcase your pride of being an Aquarian

A cartoonish version of water-bearer

A globe tattoo with an inspiring quote

A unicorn tattoo with vibrant colors

A cross arrow tattoo on the ribcage

A daring thigh tattoo to commemorate a special moment

A stunning watercolor deer tattoo

A save-the-date triangle wave tattoo

An Aquarian mermaid tattoo with a story to tell

A girly tattoo that reflects a fierce side of Aquarian

A realistic portrait tattoo of someone you love

An adorable girl tattoo for Aquarian female

A simple but gorgeous feminine tattoo

A skeleton astro tattoo

A watercolor tattoo the combines Aquarius and Pisces

A black arrow tattoo for Aquarius and Pisces couple

A detailed goddess tattoo that will impress everyone

An Aquarius and Gemini couple tattoo to get with bae

A lettering tattoo that is plain and simple

A stunning forearm tattoo of blue orchids interwined with Aquarius, Saturn and Air symbols

12 Aquarius Constellation Tattoos That Are Low-key Stunning

A minimalist constellation tattoo on the hip

A bicep lunar tattoo of Aquarius constellation

A watercolor ink on the side of rib

A behind-the-ear fine-lined tattoo

An upper-back tattoo for Aquarian who is in love with a Scorpio

Or any zodiac signs with a small modification.

A sleek constellation tattoo with the water-bearer symbol

A matching tattoo for couple or best friends

And the splashes of ink will definitely draw attention.

A floral tattoo

A foot tattoo to shine bright like a diamond

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