6 Things To Get Rid Of Your Mind – A Brain Dump List

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Live freely, that’s everyone’s dream right?

For me, the more I practice self-love, the more I realize how much my own thoughts are stirring my inner peace. 

“Keep our lives simple, and our minds simpler. ” That’s my mantra now.

It’s easy to sort things out, throw clutters away and clear up a physical space. But when it comes to our mind, it may be a little trickier.

If you were like me who constantly bounce between browser tabs, you know how it feels like.

Sometimes I would spend a whole morning doing everything but not accomplishing anything. And it SUCKS

That’s why whenever I feel trapped in a mental cobweb, or when I am constantly losing focus, I will always list those things that are bothering me on paper.

This “brain dump” process will help you to live without mental burden and stress. You will be able to break away from the strings that are holding you back. It sets you free.

So this is my most recent “brain dump” list with 6 categories in it. Definitely have to improve my hand-writing:(

It may not always be a specific to-do-list. Instead, I include more mindful stuff and hope it can help you to do a mental cleanse as well. 

*Put down your pen. I have the exact same brain dump list printable template for you to download at the end of this post:) 

But first, let’s go see what to take out from your brain and set your mind free. Shall we?

1. Procrastinations

Procrastination - 6 "brain dump"items to declutter from your mind 2019 - OurMindfulLife.com

Write down things that you think you should do but have been pulling them off

Decide if they are important. Delete those that are not. (Notice that I put those checks and cross marks beside each item on my “Procrastination” area?)

2. Fear

Fear - 6 "brain dump"items to declutter from your mind 2019 - OurMindfulLife.com

Things that you fear but somehow have to tackle belong to this category. 

For example, you are going to do a presentation in 2 weeks and it starts to get on your nerves. 

Write it down and try to write down the reason for the fear. (In this case, it may be the fear to speak to a crowd or getting yourself embarrassed. or scared to make mistakes…)

3. Anger

Anger - 6 "brain dump"items to declutter from your mind 2019 - OurMindfulLife.com

List things or people that you are mad at, those that are non-justifiable and unforgivable. 

And beside each of them, write down one reason why they may irritate you.

4. Discouraging factors/Toxic people

Toxic people - 6 things to dump now for a clutter-free mind, body and soul - Ourmindfullife.com

I don’t know if this is the right expression:) 

But do you know someone that can always bring down when you are super excited about a new goal or a new project? 

Yep, that’s them. Write them down. 

Beside each of them, write down one thing you could do to limit its negative influence on you. Maybe you can talk less to them. Maybe you can turn down one or two invitations. One thing at a time.

5. Incomplete goals/resolutions

Resolutions - 6 things to dump now for a clutter-free mind, body and soul - Ourmindfullife.com

Remember the resolution lists we made at the beginning of this year? 

It’s time to take it out and reveal it. 

See how many of them are actually done and how many items are left to be finished. Write those down and if you can, put them in the order of importance.

6. Sorrow

Sorrow - 6 things to dump now for a clutter-free mind, body and soul - Ourmindfullife.com

This is the hard one. 

When I lost 2 of my family members within 3 months, I was not handling it well. 

I was too terrified to face my own emotions and I felt like being locked up in a box that sunk all the way down to the bottom of the sea. 

But as soon as I wrote them down and be honest about my feelings, I felt so much better

So if you have wounds that are not healed completely, take a deep breathe and write them down. We’ve all been there and I trust you. You can handle it.

Wrap it up

So that’s it. A Brain dump or a mental cleanse is not done once and for all. Your mind and your space both need regular decluttering. Doing a once a week will give a great start and help you to go a long stress-free way.

For those who want to try, I’ve created a “brain dump” list templateFeel free to Pin it, print it out and start to get your mind declutter

(Please make sure it’s only for your personal use). If you have friends that could definitely use a list like this, share this post to them!

brain dump list template - printable

Now it’s your turn. What are you going to write on your “brain dump” list? Let me know in the comments down below!

4 thoughts on “6 Things To Get Rid Of Your Mind – A Brain Dump List”

  1. The link to download is for the affirmations not the brain dump freebie. I would love the link for the brain dump sheet if possible ?

  2. What a great idea this is! I will try this for sure. I have my own ways to empty my mind when it weighs too much and this is one of thema: I speak out loud to myself: what the **** is wrong with you today???
    And when i allow to speak out write what comes up in my mind it’s like a mist clearing the sky and i feel so much better. Writing it down, speaking it out, i find it a great idea you give us. Thank you!!

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