29 Stunning Capricorn Tattoos To Impress

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Capricorns might not be the most active speaker. But they are on-point when it comes to self-expressing. 

I have a TON of Capricorn friends and I feel like I am drawn to them naturally. They are probably the people that I love the most out of all 12 zodiacs, even better than my own sign.

They are the people you can turn to for support, encouragement and advice. You can trust them with your secrets because they are SUPER loyal and know when to keep their mouth shut. 

They also have insanely accurate instincts that get everyone jealous. Predictions that come from a Capricorn? You’d better trust them. 

If you are one of the beloved Capricorns, here are 29 Capricorn tattoos that you may like. 

29 Gorgeous Capricorn Tattoos

An elegant Sea-goat back tattoo

Sea-goat or mermaid? I have no idea. But this tattoo is definitely gorgeous. Capricorns are one of the most stunning people. This tattoo will compliment your natural glow.

Capricorn and Aquarius best friend tattoos

If your ride-or-die is into astrology as well, consider getting a cute and girly matching tattoo like this one!

A realistic blackwork tattoo

A floral rhombus tattoo

A small wrist tattoo

Tattoo doesn’t always have to be complicated and bold. If you are one of the Capricorns that prefer keeping a low profile, this small astrology symbol tattoo will be a better choice.

A starry tattoo on the back

A realistic goat tattoo

A dotted goat constellation

An lotus and Capricorn symbol tattoo in a tribal style

The Capricorn goddess

A minimalist zodiac symbol

A cute watercolor constellation tattoo

Two triangles with opposite directions

A black-and-grey mandala tattoo

Capricorn and Saturn finger tattoos

A goat traditional tattoo

A thigh tattoo of the Sea-goat goddess and Saturn

An arrow tattoo

A blackwork tattoo with Capricorn constellation

A realistic sea-goat tattoo on the sleeve

An abstract geometric landscape tattoo

The little prince tattoo

This tattoo is the one that tells a story. If you are into the Little Prince and happen to be a Capricorn, this is the way to corporate the two elements together.

A black and red goat tattoo

A geometric tattoo

A dotwork sea-goat goddess tattoo

A corned-flower tattoo

The Capricorn girl chest tattoo with bold colors

The classic Capricorn tattoo

A smooth line work on the wrist

So what do you think about these Capricorn tattoo ideas? If you are a Capricorn and happen to love tattoos, let me know in the comment!

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