Citrine-The Stone of Abundance

Citrine crystal is one of the rarest healing crystals in nature. In most cases, it’s transparent with yellow or orange color.

However, it’s very difficult to find natural citrine in the wild. Most of the citrine we see today is transformed from another member of the quartz family – Amethyst

When the purple amethyst undergoes heat treatment, the trace of iron will turn the violet color into the golden citrine. This treatment can be either natural or artificial.

Because of its vivid yellowish color, citrine is one the favorite crystal for making beautiful jewelry. The fanatism for citrine began in the ancient Romans’ time. 

Even till today, it’s still one of the most popular gemstone choices for jewelry. Together with Topez, citrine is also one of the birthstones of  November.

What can Citrine Crystal Heal?

Sometimes we might be over-sensitive of things going on around us. Energies and emotions can have a negative influence on us. 

Citrine is the perfect healing crystal to protect us from harmful energies.

It is often regarded as the stone of light

By working with citrine, the light around the owner will be increased, strengthened and ultimately a protective aura will be created. 

The owner of a citrine will be less likely to absorb negative emotions or energies from the outside world. 

Therefore, citrine is a hot pick of healing crystal for strengthening one’s courage and beating depression or low self-esteem.

Another great use of citrine is that it helps to analyze current situations.

It aids in digesting massive information and effectively taking constructive criticism. 

If one is trying to make an academic progress or climb the corporate ladder, chances are they may need to learn things quickly and put them to use. 

Under these circumstances, carrying a citrine quartz with them can be of great help.

Moreover, citrine is the go-to healing crystals for business success and wealth.

Known as the Success Stone and the Merchant’s Stone, it can powerfully manifest abundance in business or career.

At the same time, it can help to align with the crown chakra and enables the owner with the power of generating a long-lasting fortune.

Citrine Crystal and Health

This beautiful golden gem can not only help the healing crystal owner to digest information, it can also assist in our digesting system

High-quality citrine emits a warm and strong vibration. It channels energy from the crown chakra to the whole body and helps regulate disorder and get rid of the waste.

How to Protect Citrine Crystal

How to Attract Wealth with Citrine
How to Attract Wealth with Citrine

Powerful as it is, citrine requires some attention and care.

Because its sensitivity to light and heat, it should be kept away from the sun. 

Otherwise, its orange golden color may fade into a lighter one.

2 thoughts on “Citrine-The Stone of Abundance”

  1. Thank you your kind recommendations. I am attracted to the way you communicate information about the healing and meditative properties one can derive from crystals. For more than fifteen years I’ve been practicing Reiki sessions for healing the many levels of conscience.
    However, although very attracted to stones and crystals since childhood, and actually feel mesmerized to the touch and feeling of a crystal in my hands, I cannot seem to have found a true channel for a way of incorporate them in healing. I only hope to be able in finding my way to trully connect with the wisdom of healing with crystals.

    1. Thanks for the comment. For corporating crystals in healing, one of my recommendations is meditation. But it does take time to figure out the right stone for you and the perfect way to utilize its power. It’s all trial and error.

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