5 Crystals for Wealth that Worth Investing In

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Crystals can be used to bring fortune and luck. With the popularity of crystal healing exploding, more and more practitioners are coming forward to share their stories. 

A real-estate agent is reported to use citrine when negotiating deals with clients. Money-attracting crystals have become the favorites of not just you and me, but the finance titans as well, according to New York Post.

There are many different crystals that can manifest intentions and prosperity. But today I’m going to focus on 4 of them. They are easy to find, economically accessible and pretty to wear.

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5 healing crystals that help to manifest fortune and luck

1. Pyrite

A very popular crystal for wealth with an unusual appearance. 

Pyrite is also known as the Fool’s Gold because of its shiny golden look. 

What pyrite can do is to attract wealth and prosperity and prevent unnecessary spent at the same time.

Also, pyrite is a great option to generate cash flow because it helps to heal from financial hardships or loss, and assist in making clever financial decisions so nobody is “fooled by gold” again.

2. Citrine

Citrine is definitely the go-to crystal for wealth and prosperity. Known as the Merchant’s Stone, it can transform the light of the sun to a gentle aura of the owner and help to attract success.

In Chinese Feng Shui , citrine, also named as “the yellow crystal”, is regarded as a symbol of money and gold. Businessmen believe that placing a tree of fortune made of citrine will help to boost their luck with money and investment.

Citrine also brings new opportunities. So it is not just a crystal for wealth for those that are already in the market. If you are an entrepreneur or looking for new profitable investment, the power of citrine will surprise you.

3. Yellow Topaz

As another one in the yellow crystal family, the yellow topaz is somehow similar to citrine. Its glowing light brings thriving energy to the owners and can help to realize financial goals if your intentions are specific. 

So it will be perfect for those who want to explore and expand their end-market for increasing revenue.

4. Peridot

Being a beautiful, elegant green crystal, the power of peridot is not to be underestimated.

The vibration of peridot syncs with the frequency of growth. Carrying peridot can thus help to increase fortune and luck. Moreover, peridot helps to clear emotional obstacles like low self-esteem, therefore helps remove the blockage towards success.

5. Tiger's Eye

Obtaining financial freedom depends on your own efforts, luck and most importantly, the right direction. Being a powerful chakra stone that connects with the Solar Plexus, Tiger’s Eye can guide you in the right direction with endless ideas and energy.

It’s also a strong protection stone to fight against bad luck and negativity since ancient times. Wearing Tiger’s Eye as a talisman will safeguard your financial success.

These are the 5 most powerful crystals that will boost your luck with money

In addition, some find green aventurine, labradorite, malachite and quartz helpful in manifesting prosperity and fortune as well.

The common way of using money-attracting crystals is to wear them daily. But you can also put them in the “Fortune Corner” according to the Feng Shui of your house.

Have you ever met a certain kind of crystal that helps to generate wealth? Leave a comment down below and share with us:)

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