Crystal Healing Beginner Guide: Strengthen Your Body and Mind with Magical Stone Power

Crystal healing is not a sacred trend or cult anymore.

With more and more people practicing, this ancient science is now becoming more popular than ever.

Just like any other areas of science, there are rules and principals to follow and things to learn before we can unlock its immense power.  

As a crystal healing beginner,  picking the right crystals and using them correctly is challenging.

So before you jumpstart your crystal hunt,  this post should be able to give you a hint on what crystal to choose and what to do with your crystals.

Crystal healing is an amazing tool to amplify our energy and maximize our potential

But it’s not wizardry or pills. It’s not going to fix all the problems overnight if we just sit there and wait for it to work. 

We have heard about lots of fellow practitioners asking why their crystals are not bringing them love and fortune as they desire. In most cases, they are doing it WRONG! 

We are going to talk about how to avoid similar mistakes in this guide. But first, let’s take a closer look at how crystal healing works.

1. How Does Crystal Healing Work?

This is a question that gets asked frequently. As a matter of fact, there’s still no solid proofs that explained how crystals influence our wellness. 

But according to atomic researches over the past few centuries, everything is consist of energy. Air, water, the chair you are sitting on, they are all different energy forms.

Crystals, in fact, is a special form of energy that collects its essence through millions of years. 

As a result, the energy locked in crystals is dense and powerful. Due to the different process of formation, a certain kind of crystals might possess power that others don’t.

Have you ever noticed that quartz stones are often used as parts in watches and phones? There’s a reason for it. 

Quartz crystal has the power of stabilizing electricity and ensuring accuracy verified by scientists.

According to Live Science, these qualities had made quartz stone perfect for regulating the movement of a clock or a watch. 

Whether you realized or not, crystals are already widely utilized in our daily life. 

How Do They Impact Our Health And Wellness? Watch this video below and you’ll have a clear picture.

2. Pushing or Pulling, Which One Works For You?

Imagine your body and mind as a magnetic field. Crystals are like different pieces of magnets that attract or repel other energies when placed in your field. 

For most crystals, they work in either one or both ways: 

– Pulling: Clear out unwanted energy

Just like a magnet, crystals can pick up certain kinds of energy through your energy field and get them out of your system. 

Any unwanted energy can create health problems. By eliminating it, crystals can restore a balanced environment for your well-being. If you are feeling overwhelmed from time to time, you can choose crystals that help to pull out harmful flows. 

– Pushing: Enhance your energy level 

When crystals resonate with your magnetic field, it can transform into part of your energy. 

It is similar to the theory of electricity production. That’s why some of the crystals can enhance the energy level of their owner and help them to strive for better performance and manifest prosperity.

There are hundreds of thousands of different crystals and gemstones in the world and it is not easy to tell them apart, not to mention identifying their therapeutical properties. 

Thus we always recommend crystal healing beginners to choose crystals base on their color

3. Choose Your First Crystal Based On Colors

Crystals of the same color not always work in the exact same way, but they do share similar properties because of the common minerals contained. 

Here are crystals in some most popular colors and their properties:

Clear or White crystals: Cleansing

White is the symbol color of purity and innocence. White crystals are one of the most powerful “pulling” stones. 

They are also very absorbent as healing stones. We use white crystals to clear harmful elements out of our body and mind. 

At the same time, because of their strong attraction to other energies, they require more regular cleanse than other crystals. 

Clear quartz is one of the must-haves for those who just started healing themselves with crystals. By putting it near other crystals, it can wash away the negative energies of them and that’s why clear quartz can be powerful as used individually or with other stones. 

Popular Crystals: Quartz, Azeztulite, Moonstone

Black crystals: Guarding

Crystals of black or dark grey usually contain a variety of minerals that act as a strong shield

It’s one of the “pushing” stones that strengthen your protection energy. If you imagine yourself in a crowded space like subway, a supermarket or your office, it’s hard to stay calm while people around you are all rushing, pushing or even fighting. 

Black crystals can protect you from picking up those negative energies from your surroundings and help to maintain your inner peace. 

Popular crystals: Black Tourmaline, Apache Tears, Obsidian, Onyx

Red or Orange crystals: Revitalizing

Red is one of the most vibrant colors in the universe. The electric vibration inside red gems is usually very active. 

When it comes to crystals, red or orange stones are also powerful energizers. 

If you are constantly lacking energy or passion, red stones can be a natural Red Bull that cheers you up.

Popular Crystals: Ruby, Garnet, Jasper, Carnelian

Blue crystals: Communicating

Blue color crystals are one of, but not traditionally, “pushing” stones.

Unlike red stones, they enhance a peaceful and calming flow into our field. Because they usually align with the throat chakra, blue crystals are usually associated with communication and truth-seeking

Popular Crystals: Sapphire, Sodalite, Angelite

Green crystals: Calming

Unlike others, green crystals don’t push or pull energies out of your body. 

What they do is simply calming them inside your system. Usually, when a certain material is too active in our body, we got sick as the balance is broken. 

Green crystals can help to regulate the activity of different energies, therefore, keep your mind and body in a stable and healthy status. 

Popular Crystals: Jade, Emerald, Malachite

Pink: Attracting

Pink always represents romance and love. They are kind of in the middle of purity and passion. 

Thus they can both “push” and “pull”. They can help to enhance your attraction to affection and at the same time reduce conflicts and anger around you. 

Popular Crystals: Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, Morganite, Rhodonite

Purple/ Lavender/ Violet crystals : Guiding

With a little bit of red and blue, purple gems are both hot and cold with a high wavelength among all colors. 

Just like the color itself, purple stones stand for higher power and energies and often work for those who are suffering from addiction or seeking higher guidance.  

Popular Crystals: Amethyst, lolite, Sugilite 

Now you have a glimpse of what kinds of crystal you may need. 

But before diving into local markets or online stores searching for your pieces, there is something you should know to really make your gems work.

6 Ways To Make Your Crystals Work For You

Wearing healing crystals is not just for healing, but it’s also a pleasure! 

They are so various in shapes and colors and you will always find that one piece for your esthetics. 

There are more ways than just to wear them as a ring or a pendant. Believe it or not, you will be thrilled by those many methods of implementing crystal healing into your life. 

- Wear crystals as jewelry or simply put them in your pocket

Remember that most crystals work as magnets? 

By keeping them close to you, their energy nourishes your body and mind throughout the day. 

Not to mention the gorgeous look that attracts all that attention.

- Use them for meditation

Meditation can help people to focus best and further utilize the cerebral potential.

Crystals help to amplify the benefits of meditation.

Stones like quartz which, according to CNN, can store information as much as 22,500 iPhones do. It can transmit ancient wisdom to you which it has been collected for thousands of years. 

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to meditate with crystals

- Build your own healing crystal grid

If you want to upgrade your game and can spare a specific time to practice your crystal healing, then this method is for you. 

By laying out a certain type of crystals in a specific pattern, an energy field is formed, tailor-made to your need. 

These patterns are called crystal grid and it is an ancient technique that will take your crystal healing to the next level even if you are a crystal healing beginner. 

And yes, it’s too beautiful to look away:)

- Place them in a certain area in the house

If you have ever heard of Fengshui, then placing crystals in your house would not sound unfamiliar. 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese theory using different objects and their placement to create a better home that brings luck. 

Your house is just like your body and there are also chakras that need to be activated or connected to. 

Aligning your crystals in the right place in a house can not only protect you and bring luck to you, but it will also benefit your family. 

* Cleanse your crystals before using them

Remember crystals are like a magnet? 

To be precise, they are like sponges. Not only will crystals attract certain energies, but they will also store them within.

So when you get your first crystal, it might have already absorbed energies from people who have touched it. 

Therefore, before using them, the first thing you need to do is to do a cleanse.  

Also, don’t forget to give your crystals a regular cleanse for better performance. 

Following all the steps above, you are good to go. 

Crystals are not like medicine that can cure your sickness or make things better right away. Instead, they are more like a friend with powers that’s willing to help you. 

In order to make it work, you have to learn to work with them, feel them with your heart and soul. 

Take notes or records if needed. You will be amazed by your changes in the long term.

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