5 Crystals That Helps To Attract True Love

Should we begin by saying that, “God knows how hard it is to be single and survive the holiday season? “ 

Christmas and NYE were still like yesterday and V-day is about to come. 

Instead of getting drunk in the bar or sneaking into your bed all alone just to avoid the flooding romance, why not use some help with the ancient crystal energy to bring in the love? 

Who knows, the best love may be on the way! 

Here are the 5 crystals you need not only to attract love, but also get you mentally ready for the real deal and find that keeper.

Promote self-love with Rose Quartz

By loving yourself, you are setting an example of how you want to be loved by others.

According to the Law of Attraction, one is more likely to attract what want if they have a high level of self-acceptance and self-esteem

That’s why developing self-care and self-love is so important if you are pursuing a long-lasting healthy relationship.Known as the Stone of Love, rose quartz is definitely the best stone to bring love to your life. 

By opening the heart chakra, it invites genuine pureness to your mind and constantly reminds you of your self-worthiness. 

Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone to promote your self-love. By dispelling negative emotions such as guilt and bitterness, rose quartz help us to forgive and forget the past and heal from trauma so we are ready to embrace new love and new life.

Strengthen Attractiveness and Charisma with Bloodstone

It is said that charisma is something that you are either born with or not. But we disagree.

Charisma is part of your personality that makes you charming. 

If you have a comprehensive understanding of who you really are, you can find your attractiveness and amplify it. 

To note that, it is equally important to remove the mental blockage so your beauty could really glow through your skin.

With the help of bloodstone, you may find it easier to do so. Bloodstone is a powerful stone of mental support that brings courage and confidence. 

This black piece of crystal will be able to guide you through your inner exploration, overcome shyness and weakness and bring out your attractiveness.

Wear Opal To Your First Date To Spice It Up

If you have met someone and are about going out for the first time, the last thing we want is to have a boring date that no one will remember. 
We all have been there when dates go awkward quickly and nothing seems to be moving forward. In order to ignite the passion, wearing opal may be helpful.
Opal will open your mind to new risks and new possibilities. It brings out the wild side of both you and your date as well as finding the seductive side of each other. 
So if you want a romantic (and maybe erotic) first date to begin with, carry a piece of opal with you.

Identify True Love with Amethyst

When it comes to a healthy relationship, sometimes it’s difficult to tell if he/she is the right one for you. 

When we are crazy in love, we get blindfolded and may somehow neglect signs of a toxic relationship. 

If you have problems to keep your cool and stay clear-minded in a relationship, amethyst may be able to help.Amethyst is the stone of sobriety

By channeling with the crown chakra, it clarifies both physical and spiritual vision. It also helps to remove any kind of blindness and enables us to make the right choice.

Build Profound Connection with Aquamarine

If a mutual attraction is the starter of a relationship, mental connections are its fuel that powers it to go further. 

A healthy relationship is not something that “comes naturally”. It takes nurtures and consistent efforts to build up resonation and trust.

Aquamarine provides a soft vibration that increases your sensitivity to the feelings of your SO. It serves like a microscope that allows you to “read” your partner better so you don’t need to guess what they feel. You will know what they feel.

If you are about to move in with the one you love and start a trial for marriage, putting aquamarine in the house would be perfect. 

It will enhance tolerance and understanding of each other and create a harmonious home for both of you. sensitive to the needs and feelings of your partner.

So are you ready for some love? 

Stay positive and love yourself and remember that the best is yet to come.

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