Daily Affirmations To Upgrade Your February

Having a great start to the year 2018? The first month was like a blink and gone. With 11 months left to get your new year resolutions ticked, you need tons of motivations and huge confidence. That’s why we have rounded up 28 daily affirmations to make the shortest month of the year the GREATEST! 

Affirmations are beliefs but in a spoken way. It is also the first step to get things actually going! Your goals will only be dreams if you keep them in your head. By saying it out loud to yourself, you are telling your brain to make it official and really take action towards your goal. Practicing affirmations daily can help to rewire your mindset with positivity and productivity. To kick off a day strong, pick one affirmation a day and say it out to yourself in a mirror. You will be amazed how unstoppable you are.

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All I need is within me.


My body is a temple, and I am the best architect.


Life is too beautiful and I have no room for any hatred, regret or jealousy.


If I fail, I fail hard so I have a chance to bounce back even harder.


I have only utilized 1% of my potential to get this far. Think about the rest 99%.


I am grounded. I am loved. I am enough.


I am a unique unicorn.


Fear fears me.


Yesterday was good. Today is great. Tomorrow will be fabulous.


I leave my comfort zone because there is so much to conquer outside.

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I am stronger than any addiction or cravings.


People like me deserve to be successful.


I am a better person every day.


Valentine’s Day Affirmation: I have the best partner in the world. My body and soul are both in good hands.

(Wait. What if you are single? This one’s for you) 

 I am in love with myself – the best person on earth.


Every step I take, I am one step closer to success.


I am attractive AF.


Everyone around me is lovely and lovable.


My family is my strongest back. They love me for who I am.


I am going to SLAY my to-do-list today.


I am already who I want to be.


I will be proud of myself looking back 10 years from now.


I am attracting abundance and energy from the Universe.


New day. New beginning. New chance.


I strive for the best and I will have the best.


I am too busy for dramas and toxic people.


I can make a difference and I will.


Good things are happening and better things are on their way.


I am marvelous.

Which affirmation works best for you? Or have you come up with your own? Leave a comment down below!

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    1. So happy you love it! I have also rounded up some self-date ideas for all the single beauty out there. You can check it out here as well. Enjoy the V-day!

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