Time to bring all the healing crystal jewelry home!

So Etsy is having its 13th birthday this week and I am more than thrilled. It’s the best time of the year to take all the beautiful healing crystal jewelry home with the best price! If you are looking for your next piece of healing crystals, here you go, I’ve searched and found 8 pieces on sale that I just couldn’t take my eyes off. Let’s take a look.

Reminder: Etsy’s 13th Birthday Sale ends at June 22, 2018. All the prices in this post are the current sale price.

Birthstone Necklace

Because it’s always someone’s birthday. Instead of giving them cheesy cards or pricey gifts, why not surprise them with their own birthstone necklace? It can be a gift for yourself too.

✣ Price: $28.80 (20% off) – Check stock here

Citrine Ring

Citrine is the ultimate go-to crystal for fortune and manifestation. It is the Stone of Abundance. Want to enhance your luck with money and business opportunities? This ring is perfect for you.

✣ Price: $51.20 (20% off) – Check stock here

Apatite Bracelet

I’ve talked about Apatite as one of the best crystals for weight loss (blue apatite in particular). But it can also enhance our focus and deepen our spiritual awareness. 

✣ Price: $35.20 (20% off) – Check stock here

Aquamarine Necklace

As the birthstone of March, aquamarine is known for its soothing power that helps people to attract their soulmate. It’s perfect for someone that are seeking true love or couples that want to tighten the knot.

✣ Price: $28.80 (10% off) – Check stock here

Moonstone Ear Studs

These moonstone ear studs are just too stunning. They will be the highlight of an everyday look and can be the best alternative to diamonds on a wedding or a formal event. Just like apatite, moonstone can also aid in weight control because it helps to balance our hormone and ease period disorder. 

✣ Price: $64.80 (10% off) – Check stock here

Blue Amazonite necklace

As one of the powerful stone that connects to the throat chakra, Amazonite helps us to hear the inner voice from our soul and strengthen the faith in ourselves. It’s also one of the ideal crystals to meditate with.

✣ Price: $21.4 (15% off) – Check stock here

An anxiety-free bracelet

I also found this amazing combo of chrysocolla, agate and turquoise bracelet. Together they create a strong relieving energy that helps you to relax and heal from day-to-day stress. Perfect for people that are constantly rushing for deadlines.

✣ Price: $21.22 (15% off) – Check stock here

Rhodochrosite pendant

Rhodochrosite is probably not we will see a lot in the market. As one of the Pink healing crystals, rhodochrosite connects to the heart chakra and opens our aura for unconditional love. 

✣ Price: $58.5 (15% off) – Check stock here

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