5 Tips To Use Healing Crystals for Weight Loss

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Yes, it might seem crazy if anyone is trying to lose weight with stones, something that you can’t either eat or use it as a weight for a workout. But the healing properties of gemstones can actually guide you to the breakthrough of your weight loss journey. 

Today I am going to share with you some of the best healing crystals for weight loss and how to use them to achieve better results.

I can still remember when I had just moved out to live by myself, I would get up 4 in the morning and started running in the freezing wind. It’s kind of cool when you do it a couple times but it’s painful and stressful as a daily routine. What’s worse is that the pressure generated a huge craving for sweet stuff. I was trapped in a loop of desire and anxiety. I was not even feeling happy when I did lose a few pounds all because of the fear of getting them back. What I have experienced on my weight loss journey tells me one thing: losing weight is not about getting the numbers on the scale down. Instead, it’s more about overcoming the lure, breaking the unhealthy psychological pattern and being the better you. So before I throw a bunch of names of crystals for weight loss at your face, let’s talk about what may be holding you back from getting in the perfect shape you want. 

The Biggest Enemies for Weight Loss

1.The craving for food

Believe or not, your biggest enemy is not the food itself. On the contrary, it’s something that you can’t taste or smell – the desire and it keeps you eating all the time. “For many people, food is a source of comfort, connection, and control,” Tony Robbins says in the interview with Stuff

Unlike your work or life, eating is something that we have full control, and it gives us instant rewards for the action – the taste. Therefore, whenever we feel depressed or stressed, we turn to food for comfort. In order to break that unhealthy pattern, you must find a more empowering source of comfort. “Perhaps a creative outlet, helping others, becoming active in an organization, whatever.” says Robbins.

What crystal to use?

ApatiteApatite is one of the most powerful crystals for weight loss because it can resolve negative emotion related to food in order to avoid stress eating or boredom eating. In addition, with the help of apatite, our body can absorb necessary nutrients and minerals better. As a result, we will be in a healthier state throughout your weight loss process.
CarnelianToxins can lower your metabolism and slow down your sense of satiety. Carnelian can contribute to weight loss by enhancing the functionality of the lymphatic system and encouraging the discharging of toxins, thus help you to conquer the hunger.

2.Workout Fatigue or Sore

“Sore today, strong tomorrow.” Quite inspirational, right? But the feeble arms and crampy legs might be killing your urge to hit the gym today! So why not get some help to soothe the pain and get yourself ready for a whole new day?

What crystal to use?


Most of the time we feel sore when too much lactic acid is built up in our muscle. Garnet can help to release the pain faster by mobilizing energy and stimulating circulation. According to Florence Megemont’s book The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals, garnet is especially helpful in relieving rheumatic and arthritic pain. So if you are working out 4 or 5 times a week, why not take a piece of garnet with you on the rest day to help better relieve the sore muscle?

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is used to clear unwanted cellular fluids and encourage the release of toxins. It can also assist in building a stronger heart and adrenals thus energizes our body and soul during a workout. Message your muscles or anywhere tight after workout. Feel the soothing energy flowing through your body. It will help you to heal and relax.  

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3.Lack of Determination or Motivation

Most people who had shed lots of weight in a short time would not keep it that way for long. It’s a sad truth. So not losing weight fast is actually not a bad thing. After all, we should be focusing is the progress, not perfection. But sometimes this process can be longer than we have expected and some might just quit halfway. So how to keep the motivation and energy up all along? Instead of relying on your willpower and persistence, the first thing we should do is to set a goal and aim high. I am not saying that you should target losing 50 pounds instead of 20. What I suggest is to be clear about who you want to be if you become slimmer. Maybe you want to be pretty. Maybe you want to be more confident or you simply want to test your physical and mental limits. If one can stay disciplined, take all the pain and resist temptation in order to get in the shape he/she wants, then nothing is too difficult.

What crystal to use?

Tangerine QuartzTangerine quartz can help you get things done efficiently by increasing your self-confidence and amplifying motivation. It is the best choice for those who suffer constantly from procrastination when it comes to working out.


4.Imbalance Hormone

We all know that a certain kind of hormone like Ghrelin will send us signal of hunger when our stomach is almost empty and our brain will encourage us to eat. This is essential for the maintenance of our body’s functionality. However, if we have an imbalanced hormone system with an excessive amount of ghrelin, we tend to eat when we don’t need to and gain extra weight. So a balance hormone system is the key to lose weight and turns your body into a long-lasting fat burning machine.

What crystal to use?

MoonstoneTransformed from feldspar in magma, moonstone is the go-to crystal for rebalancing when a previous order is interrupted by a change according to Findhorn.  It is especially beneficial for hormone or period disorder.LabradoriteLabradorite is the stone of balance. Due to the abundance of different minerals found in labradorite, this gemstone is one of the most powerful protective and supportive crystals. As the healing gemstone vibrates with the crown chakra, it is deemed a patron of the neural system.labradorite aids in balancing hormones and regulating the metabolism.

How to Use Healing Crystals for Weight Loss


Meditation is definitely the best way to use crystals as a beginner because you can use one piece of crystal at a time and nothing else except a calm and focused mind.

If you are a beginner, you can follow this simple steps of crystal meditation or check out our Ultimate Guide to Meditating With Crystals :

1.Cleanse your crystal

2.Find a comfortable place to sit

3.Hold the crystal in your hand and adjust your breath

4.Portray the crystal in your mind and feel its vibration

5.Visualize your goal and describe your intentions to the crystal

6.Thank your crystal and open your eyes

The whole process can be 5 minutes to an hour depending on the connection you have with your healing crystals and how clear your intentions are. Do it on a daily basis ( I recommend doing it the first thing in the morning after waking up ). With consistent practice, you will feel the change pretty soon. 

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2. Create your own Crystal Lock

This is a little trick I have tried and worked magically. Firstly, you will need to put all the snacks or your binge food deep in a box or a bag. 

Secondly, get a small bag and put one or more pieces of crystals in it to create your crystal lock ( I recommend Apatite or Tangerine, but you can do it with any crystals that connect to you ). 

Thirdly, put your crystal lock right above or beside your binge food. So whenever you try to reach out for your snacks, the crystal lock will  and distract your attention. For better results, you can even put the binging bag and the crystal lock together deep in the fridge or on the top of the cupboard. By doing so, your accessibility to boredom or emotional eating will be further limited. 

Put your binge food along with your Crystal lock deep in the fridge

Put your binge food along with your Crystal lock deep in the fridge

( image source: Home Talk)

3.Take a small piece of crystal with you during workout

If you are feeling lack of energy or motivation, keep a piece of crystal in your pocket when you are out running or to the gym. If you don’t have a pocket in your workout outfit, try wearing a crystal bracelet instead. 

4.Wear your crystals as jewelry

Wear them as necklace or bracelet or ring, anything you want. This will put you in the protection of your crystals for weight loss all day long and help to achieve better results. 

5.A little “crystal prep” before meal

Before your meal, hold your crystal gently in your hand and drink a glass of warm water. Try doing it nice and slow for about 20 seconds. During the process, ask your crystal to help you feel the food and sense your fullness. By doing this, it will slow down your eating and digest process, discover the true taste of food and avoid overeating.  Overall, the key to successfully losing weight is a good mindset. Crystals can be your besties on the way fighting that extra weight. But more than that, they can guide you to build a healthy pattern of life and that’s what will make you stay fit not only for the next summer but for 10 years, 30 years and 50 years to come. I hope the information about using crystals for weight loss is helpful. If you have more tips for using crystals, leave a comment down below and I will feature your suggestion in the post. 😃   

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  1. Andrea Hansberry

    I am in school and college for me is great , I am 55 year’s young. I am proud of myself but I need to be more focused can you put stones for me out there.

    1. Hi Andrea, just for you to know that I have focused issues as well. I would recommend lepidolite to begin with. I have been working with it when I was in school and it’s working for me. You can also take 5 minutes or more to meditate with amethyst as well. That will help clear your mind and digest info faster. Hope it helps.

  2. I am loving this article! I love what you said about the Labradorite and I like to place some over the top of my head to strengthen my connection to Divine Guidance by way of the crown chakra.. Which as it is, led me to this article. Love and blessings to you.

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