30 Keto-friendly Gift Ideas For Your Low-carb Buddies

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We all have one or two friends in our life that stay strictly on keto diet, right? If you are a keto-er yourself, you know how hard it is to buy the right kind of snacks, ingredients and seasoning. 

So if you are struggling what to get for your keto home cook friend for Christmas, birthdays or any special occasion, here are 30 keto-friendly gift ideas that are surefire to impress.

30 Keto Gifts For Your Low-carb Friends

1. Ketone test stripes to monitor the state of ketosis

2. A pack of fat snax cookies of 5 different flavors that contain 1 grams of carbs per cookie

3. Liquid stevia to add to smoothies, coffee or any keto dessert

4. Beef gelatin powder to make some cute low-carb gummy bears

5. A digital kitchen scale (+MyFitnessPal) to get a clear clue of daily carbs intake

6. A set of copper mugs for fresh lime juice or cold brew bullet-proof coffee

7. Organic LCHF flour substitution that won’t spike insulin

8. Unrefined, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil that works great for a keto diet but also as organic body lotion

9. MCT cocoa powder that satisfies sweet cravings and won’t kick you out of ketosis

10. A blood ketone and glucose testing kit to accurately monitor your ketone level (after a cheat day) 

11. A beginner’s guide & cookbook to get successful, consistent results on keto diet

12. Perfect keto chocolate powder to make bullet-proof coffee first thing in the morning

13. Organic vinaigrette to transform plain-taste salad into a hunger buster

14. Not all nuts are born the same. Ditch the high-carb cashews and embrace the perfectly keto macadamias.

15. The best low-carb substitution of soy sauce that adds awesome flavor to salad, cauliflower fried rice or any Chinese dish.

16. A set of silicon cupcake liners that makes keto baking fun again.

17. Zero-calorie and sugar-free sweetener that home cooks swear by.

18. A pasta machine to effortlessly turn zucchini into low-carb noodles.


19. No added-sugar almond butter for making mouth-watering home-baked pecan pies

20. Gluten-free sea salt and pepper crackers that contain 0.5 grams of net carbs per cracker

21. Organic pecans that can be a home-baking ingredient or just a healthy keto snack.

22. Because keto dough is not a problem any more, it’s time to make some low-carb donuts with this non-sticking pan.

23. Low-carb chocolate chips to make keto-friendly Oreo’s.

24. Rinse a couple times before cooking, the Angel hair is a great zero-carb alternative for those craving noodles.

25.  A snowflake shortbread pan to create the best low-carb Christmas shortbread.

26. Unsweetened ketchup that will make any fathead pizza tastes even better than the normal ones.

27. Baking keto-approved donuts just gets even easier.

28. Avocado oil mayonnaise to ditch the carbs in traditional mayo and adds some healthy fat to the diet.

29. Keto-friendly chocolate bark that even your keto friends can enjoy during holiday season.

30. An insulated tumbler that holds the bullet-proof coffee at the perfect temperature, either hot or cold.

So that’s a wrap for all these keto gift ideas for the holiday season. If you are on keto diet, tell us what we might have missed! Share in the comment to let us know:)

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