4 Crystals For Meditation

Meditation is all about combing thoughts and accesses deeper awareness of our life. 

Some of us may find crystals helpful to keep our mind calm and grounded. The energy that are stored in these stones channels with our chakras. 

That’s why meditating with crystals is popular among holistic healers. They can either keep us focused or help us to break the mental blockages.

But what crystals to use for meditation? If you have already developed a bond with a certain piece you own, and it brings you calm, it will be a good idea to corporate it with your next meditation practice.

If you are completely new to meditation or healing crystals, here are 4 meditation crystals to start with:

4 Crystals For Meditation


Amethyst is the stone of compassion and sobriety. It helps to open your third eye and remove any spiritual cobweb. 

If you have trouble focusing during meditations and your thoughts are constantly pulled away with traumatic experiences or emotions, using amethyst to meditate will be able to help.

Clear Cathedral Quartz

Clear Cathedral Quartz connects with the soma chakra and awaken the child in you. It shifts your consciousness from a “survival mode” to pure happiness. 

Meditate with Cathedral Quartz will alter the way of your thoughts towards joy and inner peace.


The name Celestite originates from the Latin word “celestial”, meaning “heavenly”. Celestite heightens your energy and connects you with universal wisdom. 

Perfect for those who want to take their meditation practice to the next level.

Lapis Lazuli

Ancient Egyptian used this elegant blue gem to accelerate healing from diverse disease. 

When meditating with lapis lazuli, your intentions will become clearer because of its vibration of high frequency. It set your mind free from emotional boundaries and engage your full consciousness on the present. 

Tips: When it comes to choosing crystals, either for meditation or other purposes, there is no right or wrong. 

Each crystal will bring you unique benefit. So it will be helpful to try meditating with different crystals, one at a time and document your expectations and experiences.

Here’s an infographic showing you more options:

Crystals for Meditation

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