Rose Quartz healing crystal-the Stone of Love

The rose quartz healing crystal is always the symbol of love and romance. In 2016, Pantone has given this amazing crystal a new meaning – the color of the year. This ancient romantic stone has then become even more popular.

The rose quartz healing crystal comes in with beautiful shades of pink. Some are purely light pink while some can be almost in lavender or purple color. 

It was formed when the magma collided with the earth crust. Titanium and trace of iron mixed into magma in the process and created this beautiful and romantic pink stone. As a result, every piece of rose quartz is unique in its color and pattern.

Stories Behind The Crystal of Love

Rose quartz has long been the first option of healing crystals when it comes to love and affection. 

But it had different functions in ancient times. 

The ancient Egyptians believed that rose quartz symbolized ownership and used it as a sign for closing the deal. 

They also used it as a massage tool for the face due to its anti-aging power. But it was not until the ancient Greek time that this lovely stone was attached to the meaning of love. 

According to the ancient Greek mythology, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation Aphrodite spilled her blood to save her lover Adonis.

The lovers’ blood was all over the stones around them. Sadly, both the lovers died eventually, but their love lasted forever.  

The stone, known as rose quartz today, then became rosy pink. Its red stain symbolizes their eternal love.

What Can Rose Quartz Do?

Rose quartz is the unarguably the stone of Love

It’s closely related to the heart chakra and brings out the love of all kind: self-love, romantic love, love for family and love for others. It helps its owner to discover the true beauty of people. 

At the same time, it also gives out the signal of improper love. For example, if one wants to get to know if his/her date is the man/woman to be, bringing a piece of rose quartz on a date and the stone will help the owner to recognize signs of the answer.

Because of its close connection with the heart chakra, rose quartz can assist curing diseases of the heart, blood system and sexual organs. Rose quartz is also perfect for preventing heart attacks.

Moreover, just like how it was utilized by ancient Egyptians, rose quartz healing crystal can be used in facial treatment to remove wrinkles and scars and improve the complexion of skin.

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Proper Protection of Rose Quartz

Just like the other members of the quartz family, rose quartz needs to cleanse 2-3 times per month. 

You can use sea salt with running water or ultrasonic cleaner to cleanse the stone and then dry it out completely. 

It can be charged with moonlight or an amethyst, however, it should not be placed in sunlight because it will affect the color and energy of the stone.

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