6 Steps to Start Fresh and How healing Crystals May Help

Constantly feeling exhausted, drained, bored or stuck, these are signs that you may need to reboot yourself. 

What’s a better time to start fresh than right now? 

To set a new goal, to get things organized, to feel the passion for your career or the other half again, you can bring out the better self full of energy.

It takes great courage and, of course, lots of actions to get rid of the old and embrace the new. 

We have put together 6 steps to follow and crystals that can help to revitalize your mind and spirit. 

1.Let go of the past with Blue Chalcedony

To embrace a fresh start, the first thing we need to do is to cleanse our body and mind. If our body is filled with overwhelming emotions from the past, we are not able to recharge ourselves with positive vibes.

Blue chalcedony is a healing crystal for the throat chakra with natural calming energy. It absorbs negative vibes from within and helps us to accept failures or loss in the past. 

We can benefit from its soothing power and make peace with the past.

It is also a great stone that encourages living in present. 

By dissipating negative energies, it keeps us focused on the days to come and get us ready for a fresh start.

2.Filter intentions with Lapis Lazuli

Remember all the goals we set last year? 

There are simply too much we want to do.

But what we don’t want is to let all the goals become abandoned plans. 

So before setting a new one, we need to be clear which intentions are really important to us. 

Lapis Lazuli is a healing crystal for the Third Eye. 

It enables us to have a better vision of our true intentions and filter out the unimportant ones. With Lapis lazuli, we will have clearer perspectives of our major targets of life.

3.Fuel Motivation with Carnelian

In order to achieve great results after the restart of our journey, we need an action plan to follow through as well as the drive that keep us going.

Carnelian is known as the crystal of motivation. 

As a member of the red crystal family, carnelian brings energy and strength. 

It ignites the fire within, just like its physical appearance. So it’s also a great option for weight loss.

4.Make a commitment with Ruby

Instead of floating around, commit yourself to your work and life. 

Being committed will help us to focus on the final goal, not the hard work we may have to do in order to reach the goal. 

Ruby helps us to channel intentions with actions. With the help of ruby, we may be able to enhance our performance with cohesive progress. 

It transforms our passion into action and helps us to truly appreciate our own efforts. 

5.Eliminate fear with Tiger’s Eye

Sometimes starting fresh is intimidating because we may have to put ourselves at risks and make radical changes. We may fear failure or rejection. And the judgments from others may hold us back. 

Tiger’s Eye is perfect for this situation. It can recharge our intentions with confidence and concentration. It stops us from being distracted by others and helps to focus on our dream. 

6. Boost Creativity with Fluorite

Sometimes we need to take new approaches to get things done. 

If we keep doing things the way we did before, we will have the same results all over again. 

So being a little more creative can be magical if we need a new success. Green Fluorite removes blockages in our mind or imaginations. 

It aids in overcoming narrow-mindedness and brings out more ideas. This beautiful translucent green crystal can be your muse.

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