15 Aries Tattoos That Are As Fiery As You Are

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Fiery and bold, Aries are born adventurers

As influenced by Mars, Aries is naturally passionate and energetic. Unlike Leo, which is also a zodiac sign of fire, Aries is more caring and loving instead of dominating. 

When it comes to getting inked, you Aries are more than ready to try new things. A statement tattoo is what you want but at the same time, your natural aesthetics will help you to filter out the inappropriate ones.

We’ve gathered 15 Aries tattoos that represent your courage and passion. Time to let your guts lead you to your next tattoo.

15 Aries Tattoos That Are Bold & Elegant (Just Like You)

Goddess of Fire and Stars

Diamond and Stars Tattoo

Aries Thigh Tattoo

Colored Aries symbol arm tattoo

Aries couple tattoos

The moon star goddess

Minimalist collar bone tattoo

Girly back tattoo

Shoot for the stars

Half realistic, half black Aries tattoo

Ear back Aries constellation watercolor tattoo

Tiny lettering floral tattoo

The honeysuckle April tattoo

Minimalist geometric tattoo

The constellation tattoo

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