18 Couple Tattoos That Prove Your Love Is Here To Stay

Falling in love is easy, being in love is challenging and living with love is difficult. In the time when everything changes, getting a couple tattoo is a serious commitment. Probably stronger than a wedding ring because it just stays there for the rest of our lives. So if you have find that one in your life, congratulations! Couple tattoos are not just a commitment oath, it is also a permanent symbol of your relationship. No matter where you are, where you go, even if you are in a long distance relationship, you will always have something that reminds you of each other. Together, we have rounded up 18 couple tattoos that are uniquely designed and look perfect separately or together.

1. I guess he has found an elegant and permanent way to say “I got your back”.

image from @erik.weiss.bln

2. Number tattoo is always a good idea. The number could be anything, a date, his phone number, the postal code of your first home together…The list goes on and on. Most importantly, the number carves into both of your minds.

image from @quotetattoos

3. A good way to bring zen into your relationship.

image from @toiatattoo

4. Love is like flowers, it takes time to nourish so it can blossom.

chronicink-couple tattoo

image from @chronicink

5. A matching tattoo could be cooler than a ring as it stays forever.

image from @e_bathory

6. What could be better to have a common belief with your loved one?

image from @tattooist_ida

7.  Even a wild soul has his home base.

image from @philipphonner

8. If no words can perfectly describe your connection, a tattoo may do the job.

image from @7anyamaia

9. When your S.O is so in love with you and has a sense of humor.

image from @alexisdoesdoodles

10. Whatever looks good, watercolor makes it look even better.

image from @javiwolfink

11. Forget about the corny quote tattoo, this is the right way to say “I will love you till the day I die”.

image from @xonatot_tattoo

12. A life-saving tattoo – because you made my heart beat too fast that I have to put it on my wrists or it would kill me.

image from @willtats

13. A couple tattoo can perfectly represent who you two are in a relationship: elegant separately, beautiful together.

image from @lovingtreehenna

14. When your S.O means the whole world to you.

image from @drawing.and.tattoo

15. Your love is splendid that should be captured in the most unique way.

image from @miielmiiel

16. The foxes make a perfect couple just like you two do.

image from @_jimmymartins

17. A tattoo saying that our relationship is fierce and serious AF.Mandram

18. Couple tattoos are not always dark-themed or screaming “couple goal”. They can be just fun and cute as Minions.

image from Couple_tattoos

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