31 Positive Daily Affirmations To Ignite The Sparks Of July

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31 daily affirmations for July to get you ready for Summer!

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It’s July now which means we are halfway in 2019 and summer is officially here!

Just like we need sunscreen for our skin, we also need calming and positive energy to stay away from burnout.

So here is a list of daily affirmations to practice for July.

Tip: Don’t do it just for a day and quit. Repetition is the key to make affirmations work.

Feel free to share with someone who needs a daily dose of positivity as well!

Note: I will try my best to keep this monthly affirmation list going. I’ve created the February and March affirmations but then never get back to it. Shoot me a mail or leave a message if I procrastinate AGAIN.

31 July Daily Affirmations To Get Ready For Summer

Everything that happens in my life is exactly what I need.


Every breath I take, I inhale greatness and exhale fear.


If there’s anyone that can pull this off, that’ll be me.

I look perfect in bikinis.


I’m a cactus that thrives in the desert.


If I fail, I fail hard and bounce back harder.

I am free from judgments.

If I lose sight of the shore, I am heading towards the new ocean.


I am feeling good today.

I am peaceful and calm.


I can make things work.

I can be a rainbow even on rainy days.


My needs come first.


I have the strength to make a change.

I don’t need to be perfect.


I have the rights to leave toxic people.

It’s not just about dating a narcissist. You can have a toxic relationship with a family member, a friend or someone at work.

But you have the right to cut them out of your social circle. No need to feel guilty if you know you are doing what’s best for yourself.

I can set healthy boundaries.

I enjoy every day of my life.

I have all the time I need.

I am loved as I am.


I am in full control of my life.

I am prospering.

I grow as I breathe.

Beach season is my season.


Summer breeze and morning sunshine light up my life.


Every cell in my body is glowing.

I shine just like the sparks on the 4th of July.

I have what it takes to make my dreams come true.

I attract positive people with my positive energy.

I am unlimited.


I am as powerful as I want to be.

So here are July daily affirmations. Hope you like them!

Don’t forget to take care of yourself in the busy summer days. Here is a list of self-care ideas if you need some inspirations.

It’s your turn now.

Which daily affirmation do you find most helpful?

I am curious about how you use them too! So don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment.

If you have an affirmation to share, tell me about it in the comment or share it to hello@ourmindfullife.com!

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