18 First date ideas that are not Cliché or Awkward

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What makes a perfect first date? Picking up the perfect location? Dressing up properly? 

Sarcastic as it seems, first dates are never really “romantic”. It’s like a mutual interview but in a social setting. Everything has to be on point to leave a good first impression. And, yes, it’s kinda STRESSFUL.

Good news is, choosing a fun first date activity can definitely help to ease the tension. If you are meeting for the first time, having something interesting to do kills the first-date fidgets. An a memorable date definitely increases the chance of sparking romance.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 18 first date ideas that are fun, creative and are not expensive. Let’s dig in.

18 First Date Ideas that are Awesome and Affordable

1. visit a zoo

For most people, animals make us happy and drop our guard down.

2. Picnic date

Picnics are one of the go-to first date ideas.

Sharing homemade sandwiches and sunbathing are two things that will enlighten our mood in a natural way.

3. An outdoor movie date

Unlike traditional movie date in a cinema, watching a movie in on the rooftop of a local bar or in the park gives you more time to talk with each other. 

If you know each other pretty well, or you are going for the second or third date, a drive-in will be a great choice as well.

But if you merely know each other, stick to open and public places.

4. Bookstore date

Share each other’s favorite or maybe read together. 

A bookstore is a place not too quiet or too noisy. Picking books can be conversation-provoking. It will let you know each other a little bit better.

5. Hiking

Spending some time together in nature in a way that is not too physically demanding, and gives you chances to talk. 

The release of endorphins will make us feel happy and relaxed naturally, thus creating an ideal atmosphere for deeper conversations.

6. Window shopping

Show your date what you love or get to know what he/she loves. And you’ll also have a hint of his/her spending style. 

If you want this to work for the long-term, here’s a chance to know if your date is financially on the same page as you.

7. Ice skating

Don’t worry about it if you don’t know how to skate. Just enjoy getting a little “physical” giving each other a helping hand.

8. Bike riding

Riding a bike and touring around the city like a tourist. If you are both competitive, challenge each other to see who is the Tour de France champion. It will be a fun and relaxing first date for both of you.

9. Visit a haunted house

Perfect occasions to hold hands and get used to each other screaming.

10. Play “Never Have I Ever”

The best (and most efficient) way to get to know each other’s dirty little secrets. You may want to skip this one if you have too much to tell:)

11. Volunteer in animal shelters

Random acts of kindness make us feel happy and good about ourselves. And it’s a perfect start of a romantic relationship as well.

Take sheltered animals for a walk outside and enjoy some “puppy” love moments. This is going to be a date you won’t forget.

12. Take some darn good photos

Choose a great place with scenic views. You will have a great time enjoying the views and getting the best shots.

13. A Polaroid date

The fastest way to see if you guys look cute together.

14. Go to a Music Festival or Concert

Dress up in the wildest way and follow the rhythm. You will leave all the nerves behind once the music starts.

15. Stargazing

Nothing can compare to a natural romantic setting. With the app like Skyview, you will even have more fun identifying all the constellations.

16. Mini-golfing

Whether you or your date is a pro in golfing, mini-golf just appeals to the kid in almost everyone.

17. Fruit-picking

Help each other to get the biggest apple on the tree or just enjoy a relaxing afternoon surrounded by the scent of fresh fruits. 

18. Crafting

Get craft and make something together. You can either attend small local workshops or just browse Pinterest for crafting ideas. 

And you can learn to work as a team in the process and walk out of the date with something to remember.

So here you go. Hope that you enjoy these fun first date ideas as much as we do. 

If you have your own awesome date ideas, share with us in the comment!

Happy dating!

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