18 First date ideas that are not Cliché or Awkward

What makes a perfect first date? Is it about what you like? What your date like?

 While we would want to picture the first date as romantic as possible, it is actually an interview for each other and the last thing we want is to let boredom or madness get the best of us. This is why picking the right setting is so important. You will want to do things in places that both of you feel comfortable enough to drop your guard and be the real you.

 If you looked back to those dates we had, you will discover that most of them are blurry. Only the really interesting or sweet ones can still come to your mind. If first dates are a rehearsal for an actual relationship, you will want it to an impressive starter. When you don’t know each other very well, things could go awkward pretty fast. So it’s always helpful if you both have something to focus on or talk about than staring at each other wondering if he/she is enjoying the time.Therefore, a great first date should:1) take place in a comfortable setting for both of you2) be impressive and interesting3) give you something to focus on or talk about So, we have gathered some first date ideas that combine the three elements above. Hope you will find it helpful. Leave a comment down below if you have some great First Date ideas to share if you need some great ideas to share!

18 First Date Ideas that are Awesome and Affordable

1. visit a zoo

For most people, animals make us happy and drop our guard down.2. Picnic by the lakeAbsolutely classy and a never-die go-to. Sharing homemade sandwiches and sunbathing are two things that will enlighten our mood in a natural way. 
picnic by the lake - 18 first date ideas that are not cliché or awkward

3.movie dates

Pick something everybody talks about. Movies fill up the silent gap and leave a lot to talk about afterward. 

4. Wander around in a bookstore

Share each other’s favorite or maybe read together. A bookstore is a place not too quiet or too noisy 


hiking - 18 first date ideas that are not cliché or awkward

Spending some time together in nature in a way that is not too physically demanding, and gives you chances to talk. And sports make people naturally happy.


6. Window-shop

Leaves plenty of chances to talk about different stuff.


7. Ice skating

Get comfortable with each other through those hilarious falls and saves


8. Bike riding

Same as hiking. And you got to challenge each other as well!


9. Visit a haunted house

Perfect occasions to hold hands and get used to each other screaming.


10. “Never Had I Ever”

Hands down for the best way to get to know each other “thoroughly”

board games - 18 first date ideas that are not cliché or awkward

image from acturner13 via Instagram


Get yours like this on Amazon for $8.93


11. Volunteer in animal shelter

Take sheltered animals for a walk outside and enjoy some “puppy” love moments.


12.Go take some photos

Choose a great place with scenic views. You will have a great time enjoying the views and tilting the shots.


13. A Polaroid date

polaroid dates - 18 First date ideas that are not Cliché or Awkward

image from alissaviolet via Instagram


The fastest way to see if you guys look cute together.


14. Go to a Music Festival or Concert

music festival - 18 First date ideas that are not Cliché or Awkward

image via Pinterest


Dressed up in the wildest way and have fun!


15. Stargazing at the mountaintop

Nothing can compare to a natural romantic setting. With the app like Skyview, you will even have more fun identifying all the constellations.


16. Mini-golfing

Enjoy the trial and error. Some personal training will do too.


17. Fruit-picking

Fruit-picking-18 First date ideas that are not Cliché or Awkward

It would be a good choice to keep your date organic and natural. Besides, you can have your date help you to reach that apple up high.


18. Go creative

Attend small workshops that you can create things together. A creative artwork? Arm knitting? Make some paper clay? The best part is your creation will always be there and won’t die in time.



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