36 Stunning and Non-boring Gemini Tattoos

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Gemini might seem a little bit crazy and a little bit all over the place. But it is the most interesting signs out of the 12 zodiacs.

They act fast, talk fast and they are just hard to keep up with. It is the same thing when it comes to tattooing. 

They are constantly racing with new thoughts and crazy ideas. You will never know where do they come up with all these brilliant inkspirations that never fail to surprise.

If you are one of the lucky Gemini, we’ve got you covered for your next ink. 

Here are 36 Gemini tattoos of different styles from tiny elegant girl’s tattoo to huge bold artwork. Now onto the ideas!

36 Gemini tattoo that are ink-worthy

Angle and demon tattoo

Gemini, just like its name, is two extremely different mind in one just like this tattoo. Angel or demon, you’ll never know who has the upper hand.

A one-line tattoo on the back

A lettering arm tattoo

A twin goddess tattoo

A girly tattoo with daisy and gemini constellation

A geometric Gemini symbol on the back

The sign of Gemini is ruled by the air element, presented as the circle in this minimalist tattoo. The double triangles represent the two sides of a Gemini. 

A small Gemini sign

A Yin-yang colored tattoo

A hand-poked Mercury twin

A Gemini symbol with stars in the background

A Symmetrical Gemini symbol tattoo

A constellation astrology tattoo

A lotus tattoo for Gemini

A tiny Gemini sign on the wrist

A watercolor constellation tattoo

A fineline twin lavender tattoo

A Gemini sign tattoo with roses

A clean-lined constellation tattoo on the neck

A poppy tattoo with gemini constellation

A funny tattoo on the arm

Gemini always gets people guessing. They can change from happy to sad in just one second just like this tattoo. Two very different individuals merging into one, does it sound like you?

A twin cupid tattoo

An abstract linework tattoo

A line tattoo with Gemini symbol

A Gemini & Leo tattoo

A blackwork tattoo of the Gemini goddess and sakura

A complex tribal tattoo

A cute girl twin tattoo

A Gemini sign behind the ear

A star constellation tattoo on the back

A detailed Gemini tattoo

A zodiac sign tattoo on the neck

A wrist tattoo of gemini constellation

A floral wreath tattoo on the shoulder

A reaching-for-the-stars landscape tattoo

A bold black sleeve tattoo

A under-the-boob zodiac tattoo

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