5 Subtle Ways To Not Give A F*ck

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I envy every human being that is born with the “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude. It’s a gift that I don’t have. 

I know you are not here to sign up for self-help bullsh*t so I won’t tell you to “just ignore them”. Knowing is one thing, doing is another. After years of fighting against imaginary comments, here are 5 ways to stop giving a f*ck that actually work.

5 Doable ways to stop caring what others think

1. Keep in mind that "we are all going to die anyway"

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The video from Bases Zeus has me giggled for a minute. Who isn’t going to die, right? 

Since judgments and critics won’t make you live longer, why should you care about them anyway? This may be a pretty savage life pro tip, but it definitely kills unnecessary self-doubts.

2. Overload your tolerance level progressively

Insecurity has always been part of my life. I’ve listened to tons of self-help experts talking about how to play “out of your comfort zone”. After several traumatizing attempts, I am clearly aware that it’s not for me. 

That’s why the advice from Evan Carmichael seems like a more practical approach. “It’s important to understand how much crap and negativity you can take,” said Evan on his Youtube channel.

Knowing your limit and playing just below it will make you slightly uncomfortable without breaking you. Your mental strength follows the “progressive overload” principle of muscle building. As you are more used to being “slightly uncomfortable”, your tolerance level will go higher as well.

3. Find a goal strong enough to make you ignore criticisms

Find your why. 

For example, you want to start a blog but are too afraid to do so because failing may make you look bad. Instead of assuming what may happen, think about why you want to do it in the first place. 

Maybe you want to make money and provide a better life for your family. Maybe you want to share your idea and help others. Dig deep and find your unwavering intention. If your goal is strong enough, judgments won’t be able to distract you.

It may seem hard in the beginning. But once you taste the slightest bit of success, your doubts will go away. What others think will no longer matter to you because your time will be too precious for it.

4. Understand haters' motives

I am not talking about your family or your loved ones who criticize because they care. I am talking about people who judge you because THAT’S WHAT THEY DO. 

You may be doing something they don’t dare to do. Your courage and talent are threatening them. Hateful comments are the way they attack. But isn’t it pathetic if all they contribute to the world is hate and unconstructive criticism? Feel sorry for them if you may. Forgive, forget and move forward. You have an amazing life ahead.

5. Write them down and crush them

If you want to stop giving a f*ck to what others think of you, there is one thing you need to realize: critics are not as bad as you may imagine. You need to stop self-sabotaging with words that can’t physically bite you.

A great way to actually stop caring about others’ judgments is to write down the most hurtful ones you can imagine. Burn it, tear it apart, toss it, whatever you like. See? You are so much more powerful than what others think about you. It’s time to regain control over your life.

What now?

I found this book particularly helpful for fighting insecurities and anxiety. 

Listen to the audio version for free here.

So that’s it. I do hope that these self-empower ideas help you to stop caring about what others think so you can put yourself first. 

If you have stories about how stoping giving f*cks change your life, leave it in the comment!

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