7 Ways To Make Your Daily Affirmations Work For You

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Imagine someone you barely know walks to you and says: “You look fat.” What is your first reaction? Get angry? Furious? Or ready to drop the F-bomb?  Aside from the anger or the feelings of being hurt, will you also wonder: Am I really fat?

So now let’s imagine that someone approaches you in the same way. But this time, instead of publicly insulting you, he says: “Wow, you are looking gorgeous today.” What is your reaction this time? Probably happy and thrilled while hopping to find any mirror to confirm that he’s telling the truth.

So what if that someone is you?

This is how affirmations WORK. They are that second guy who praises you on the first sight. They are the positive voice that consolidates your faith. When these empowering statements are repeated frequently, they get into your subconscious mind and shut the doubting voices up. You begin to see yourself manifesting your goals and actually living your dreams.

Confidence and faith generate greater motivation. And when those 3 combined, you have the results. That is what they call “visualize, and realize“. 

If you already have your affirmations, great! You are off to a great start. If not, we’ve got a set of 7-day affirmations cards for you. Feel free to download them, print them out and put them up anywhere you want.

6 Ways Of Using Affirmations To Get The Results You Desire

Using affirmations is not just repeating them every day and wait for them to work. To fully utilize the power of affirmations, there are some rules to follow, or tricks if you like. They will help you to get the results you want and keep you on the right track. 
1. Calm your mind down and relax before speaking out your affirmations When your mind is in a calm status, the subconscious mind is more likely to open up to new things. So try to keep yourself relaxed. You can also try meditation which may increase your control over your mind and calm your nerves when needed.
2. Read your affirmations out loud at least 3 times a day (preferably while looking in the mirror). 3. Make full use of the time after waking up and before going to bed.
During those times, your subconscious mind is more active. Repeat your affirmations a few times.
4. If it’s not appropriate for you to say them out loud, repeat them to yourself mentally for the same 3 times a day. Engage your mental strength while repeating them in your head. It almost feels like you are shouting them out loud with all the muscles in your brain.
5. Write them down and put them everywhere. Write them down on sticky notes and stick them to your mirror or print them out on cardstock and put them on your vision board. The more frequently you see them, the more your subconsciousness is going to absorb their power.

Practice self-love with daily affirmations. Download the 7-day printable affirmation cards:)

download 7-day affirmation card printable
6. Include them in your journal.
Write down how you feel every day after using the affirmations. Do you feel more powerful? Have you noticed a stronger confidence or motivation? Try to discover all the tiny changes while still being honest with yourself. All the little daily progress may lead to an immense breakthrough.

Tips: During your first few attempts at repeating affirmations, you may feel like lying to yourself. It may be difficult for you to believe what you are saying is actually going to come true. The more you practice, the more convinced you will be. Consistency is key here. So don’t quit. 

So this is it. I hope this post will help you to better utilize the power of affirmations. Here’s a video from Actualized.org that has helped me a lot since I began to practice daily affirmations. Definitely check it out if you have time. 

Any questions or experiences to share? Leave a comment down below! 

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