14 Introvert Pet Peeves That Will Drive Them Crazy

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Don’t cross the line. These introvert pet peeves will annoy them and push them away.

Are we introverts so hard to deal with?

Parties are too loud, and anything more than 3 people terrifies me. And I would absolutely dodge small talks on the corridor. 

Is it just me, or are introverts often misinterpreted?

We are not always cold or mad. But I am when someone asks me, “why are you so quiet?”

If you are an introvert, you may relate to these introvert pet peeves. Avoid them at all cost if you want to befriend an introvert. 

Introvert pet peeves that drive them nuts

Loud talkers

Grabbing attention by raising volume is not a good move. Loud talkers get on introvert’s nerves. Noise is a form of invasion for introverts. 

The last thing introverts care about is the Friday night plan of strangers. If you are an introvert bothered by noises around you, don’t ever leave the house without your headphones. 

Surprise visits

Sunday is the best time to recharge until a family friend shows up on your doorstep with her 5-year old. 

Introverts don’t do surprise visits. Home is a sacred escape and they guard them with their lives. And anyone that steps in it without former notice will drive introverts nut. 

Meaningless small talks

Introverts are on always on high-alert, scanning potential chit chatters and trying to avoid them. 

They are better at one-on-one conversations. If introverts want to know about you, they will find a way to talk to you privately. Small talks at the gym or in the office don’t do much for them.

Spontaneous plans

For socializing, some are born ready, and some are not. Introverts need to be fully prepared before they leave the house. 

We need to know where we are going and who are going to be there. It won’t be a fun experience if 8 more people show up unexpectedly. 

Things introverts need to know before saying yes to an invitation - Introvert pet peeves: spontaneous plans - OurMindfulLife.com

If you don’t have the details to drop their guard, don’t blame introverts for never coming out. 

Team buildings

Work parties, celebrations, or team building activities are high up on the list of introvert pet peeves. 

These social obligations force introverts to interact with people they barely know. Awkward conversations drain them mentally. Not to mention these gatherings usually take place on weekends or weekday evenings, taking up precious time for us to refuel. 

“Why are you so quiet?”

No, we are not quiet. Introverts have no problem talking and expressing themselves. But we are selective.

If you are close to introverts, you will see their fun side. 

But if introverts are quiet, they might be: 

  1. Not interested
  2. Programming their sentences
  3. Run out of peopling battery 
Reasons why introverts are quiet - Introvert pet peeves: "why are you so quiet" - OurMIndfulLife.com

There’s nothing wrong about being quite. If you don’t ask extroverts why are they so loud, don’t do it to introverts.


How to freak an introvert out? - "Tell me about yourself."

Why talk for 5 minutes when you can get your message across in 2 sentences? The idea of “letting your personality shine in self-introduction” annoys introverts. 

It pains us to listen through Martha’s hobbies, dogs, and her political views when we barely know her. It makes no sense to present one’s personal life to strangers. And now you expect us to do the same? 

Physical contact

Funny animal memes for introverts or anyone tired of peopling - OurMindfulLife.com

Don’t get me wrong. Introverts enjoy hugging, cuddling or holding hands with people they love. But it’s a different thing with acquaintances. 

If you are not a close friend, avoid hugs, holding hands, or arms. Introverts are more comfortable with a pat on the shoulder or simply shaking hands. 

Don’t cross the line to show friendliness. Inappropriate physical contact can freak introverts out.

“Come on, just one more drink.” 

Introverts don’t want to hear that on our way out. 

When we are done with socializing, we are done. Every extra second is painful. 

Let us go. Making introverts stay is only going to make us regret going out in the first place.


Is there anything worse than phone calls for introverts? Yes, FaceTime. 

Introverts are not ready to deal with people 24/7. And they are certainly not prepared to expose themselves or their mancaves in the middle of the night. 

“Helpful tips”

Introverts don’t always have a hard time dealing with people. Some of them are great leaders, successful personalities, or inspiring speakers: Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates to name a few.

Introversion is not a kind of disease or flaw. It’s a mechanism of interacting with the outside world. If you are an introvert, know that introversion doesn’t hinder your performance. And there’s no reason to be ashamed. 

Invasion of personal space

One golden rule: knock before entering. 


That’s why introverts don’t enjoy crowd brainstormings. 

Introverts are not the ones to fight for the dominance of a conversation. When someone outtalks them in the middle of their speech, they may just give up.

If you can’t give them enough time to express themselves, don’t ask their opinions in the first place. Interruption of speech shows a lack of respect, and it not only annoys introverts but everyone else as well.

Do you agree or disagree with these introvert pet peeves?

If you have suffered from similar situations, tell me more about it. Also, let me know if I have missed anything that annoys an introvert.

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