32 Tattoo Ideas To Showcase Your Pride Of Being A Leo

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People around Leo usually have mixed feelings about them.

On one hand, they are outgoing, talkative and charming. It’s so difficult not to love a Leo. On the other hand, they stand behind their ideas 100% and don’t really care how others think about them.

It is the same case when it comes to getting a tattoo. Leo has an open mind for edgy patterns, bold line works and vivid colors. And they choose what they want, not what others may want on them.

If you are a lucky enough to be born between July 22 and August 22, here are 32 Leo tattoos that will showcase your big cat pride.

32 Gorgeous Leo Tattoos that will get everyone talking

A classic Leo symbol on the back

A lion tattoo with Leo zodiac constellation

A small Leo symbol on the hand

Black and grey Lion tattoo for Leo girls

Black and grey Lion tattoo for Leo girls - Ourmindfullife.com

Tattoo design from tattooist_sigak

A lion face forearm tattoo with vibrant colors

A Leo astrology tattoo for travelers or mountaineers

A perfect elegant zodiac tattoo for women

A floral zodiac tattoo on the ankle

A Leo sign tattoo with crown

A purple and blue Lion tattoo on the back

Matching lion face arrow tattoo for couples

An extremely tiny Leo sign tattoo on the ear

This elegant Leo tattoo is so tiny that even your parents won’t notice.

A geometric tattoo on the arm

A complex birth chart tattoo

If you are into astrology, you may know that you are more than just one zodiac sign, which is usually referred to as your Sun Sign. You also have a Moon Sign, Rising Sign and so many astrological elements all shown in your birth chart.

A Leo-dala tattoo

A sleek Leo symbol on the rib

A lion face that are broken into pieces

A Leo sign on the ankle

A shoulder tattoo that is shining like a diamond, just like any Leo

Shoulder tattoos inspired by nature

A watercolor lion dreamcatcher tattoo on the back

This back tattoo integrates the lion with a dreamcatcher, making it a stunning ink to impress.

Matching zodiac sleeve tattoos

A detailed lion tattoo

Looking for a bold and gorgeous tattoo to wow everyone? Look no further.

A constellation tattoo on the hand

A lotus tattoo with a hidden lion

A "rock-solid" lion tattoo on the back

A half-geometric-half-realistic lion tattoo

A gradient Leo symbol

A geometric lion tattoo in the universe

A sparkling lion face tattoo

An arrow tattoo with Leo constellation

A big cat tattoo on the back

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