24 Gift Ideas for a Long-Distance Valentine’s Day

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“To live together, one should first learn to live apart.”

It is never easy to be in a long-distance relationship. The thousand miles and time gap make things so much more complicated. When it comes to special occasions like Valentine’s day or birthday, choosing a lovely and thoughtful gift EVERYTIME is a big challenge. 

So you may ask, “what makes a good gift when it comes to long-distant relationships?” 

Should it be something practical that they will need on a daily basis? Should it be something that reminds them of you? Should it be something interesting that will make them laugh? Or should it be something screaming “I miss you”? And what if you want it all?  That’s why we rounded up a list of gift ideas for your long-distance Significant Other that definitely distinguish you from any of his/her cheesy exs. Hope you enjoy it!

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1. A Jar of Love Airmail

If you are finding a way to express your love and gratitude for your loved one, this jar is for you. You with have 31 prewritten messages that will bring tears to his eyes, every day, for a month. 

If you wish to get a jar and blank notes to write your own words, click here.

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2. A "Get Healthy Together" Challenge

Is it impossible to show your care and concern when you are not there? Probably not. 

We have found this amazing 7-day tea cleanse challenge pack that you can do with your partner every day. A week later, you will find yourself more energetic with a flatter tummy and also so much closer with your SO. Send a tea cleanse package at Tea Spot for $19.95

3. Rose Quartz & Black Onyx Long Distance Bracelet

These couple healing crystal bracelets is so LOVED by our readers since this list first came out. And it is for a reason!

Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone and perfect for those that are miles away from home. Used as a worry stone in the Middle East, black onyx can ease the emotional roller-coster and eliminate negative thoughts when you are apart.

Rose Quartz is the go-to crystal for love and romance. It inspires loyalty and self-love as well so we don’t get lost between the miles.

Price Range: $ (Get it on Amazon before they are gone)

4. A Care Package That Is So Sweeeet

Can’t do Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Surprise your partner with a whole lot of SWEETNESS and Love (and chocolate, and cookies, and pretzels, and popcorns…)

Price Range: $  (Check current price on Amazon)

5. Your One and Only Love book

You believe that your loved one deserves something that’s unique and last forever. Then how about a book that is dedicated to you two and you two only?

Now you can edit your own love story book with a few clicks (no photoshop skills required:)) and put all the feelings and words you saved for your SO into the book. You will be amazed how much fun you have producing the book and how surprised he/she will be. Want to know more about it? 

Create your own book here 

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6. Long Distance Touch Lamp

Tell your significant-others whenever you miss them with a little touch on the lamp. It will light up their lamp as well no matter how many miles you are from each other.

Get it on UncommonGoods

7. "Together Forever" Spoon

Just because you are not next to each other, it doesn’t stop you from spending some quality coffee time together. 

Price Range:$ (Check current availability here on Amazon

8. Our Personalized Love Map

The first time that distance is not so terrifying. This map of love will guide your partner home one day and never leave again.

Price Range: $ (Get it on Etsy)

9. A JBL Clip Portable Speaker

So you can light up his/her mood even when you are not there. To be more perfect, share your playlist of love songs and tell your SO how much you missed them through the lines and beas.

Price Range: $  (Check current price on Amazon)

10. Superman Apron

Another way of saying “I fantasize you cooking naked for me and still feeling strong”. Give him a good laugh whenever he cooks.

Price Range: $ (Get it on Amazon)

11. Love Letter Pillowcase

So you can sleep and cuddle with each other like you are really together.

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12. Dual Time Zone Pendant Necklace

Long-distance relationships are even more challenging if you have time lapse between you. With this dual clock, you have a close hint on each other’s time zone and know exactly when to greet your partner with Good mornings and Good nights.

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13. Talk Dirty To Me

Don’t forget to tell bae how much you want them. This would remind them to save the best for you when you are back together. Spice things up!

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14. The Wall-E Robot

This is what will make me scream “Best gift ever”. Not a huge Disney fan but Wall-E is always one of my favorite. Just can’t say no to this adorable metal robot. It will make me smile even in the worst days.

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15. Hi. I'm Mat

So you have something to greet you everyday when you are home.

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16. 5 Minute Breakfast Maker

So when you are not there, your SO can still start a day with love and energy

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17. Home-brew Portable Espresso Maker

Perfect for coffee lover. With hot water, coffee beans and this portable espresso maker, your SO will be able to have a cup of warm and delicious home-brew espresso anywhere they want.

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18. The Countdown Calendar

It’s so important to remind each other that the distance won’t be forever and the best thing worths the longest wait.

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19. Instant Film Camera

When you are missing each other and can’t see them daily, your lover may also be missing you. So while you are apart, take some funny polaroid pictures and collect them. Send an album by mail or exchange when you are together so you will get to know each other’s story just like you have been there the whole time.

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20. The Love Journal

Being all alone by yourself might be hard, especially on holidays or special occasion. So write down your emotions and feelings just like you are talking to your partner and you will have the best documentary of your relationship.

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21. The Significant-Other Keychain

Life is a puzzle when I’m alone. And I’m only going to be complete with you.

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22. The Intelligent Indoor Garden

This little garden will constantly bring in fresh air to your special someone with natural delight. And it requires minimum efforts to take care of. 

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23. A Good-Day Glass

A drink at the end of the day can cure all. Works every time.

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24. Wearable Live Camera

Won’t it be a little weird to hold your phone in your hand all the time if you want to show your life with your SO through live chat?

With this wearable camera, you can make a live stream anywhere you want and your bae can see whatever you see just like they are with you all the time.

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So what do you think? Have you found something for your special one?  

Picking a gift is an art but and so is receiving one. Make sure that you express your gratitude whole-heartedly when you get one. It will encourage a positive give-and-take circle for a healthy relationship. 

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