LoveBook Online Review and 14 Ideas For Your Own Book

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We have noticed that personalized gifts are now taking the lead in the gifting market. Rating 9.5 out of 10 on Trust Pilot with more than 5000 reviews, LoveBook Online is definitely one of the strongest rising stars.  

With LoveBookOnline, you can basically create and edit your own book and the company will handle printing and shipping for you. It seems to be quite an appealing concept. So in this LoveBook Online Review, we are going to break down some facts along with some pros and cons for you.

And for those who are already falling for it but struggle to come up with an enticing title for the book, we also have rounded up some title ideas. Let’s take a closer look: 

Who is Lovebook Online Best For?

Lovebook online is the best personalized option for those looking for a one-of-a-kind and sentimental gifts.

Everyone loves to have a little “personalization” in the gifts he receives. But most of the time we are limited with T-shirt, greeting cards or iPhone cases to add the names on. 

But Lovebook is different. You control 100% how the book is going to look like, what content to fill in and how much content is needed. If you are more the “hands-on” type of person, creating a Lovebook as a gift can be lots of fun.

Is LoveBook Online A Perfect Personalized Gift For You?

– If you, as a gifter, are someone that strives for the best and being corny is a big No No

– Also if the receiver loves sentimental gifts

A Gift For All Occasions

Surprisingly, people are getting personalized gifts not just for their Significant Other, but also for their loved ones. We love the fact that LoveBook Online is taking this into consideration, so they actually have lots of optional covers that your mom, your dad and your besties would love.

Here are some of the most popular book-gifting occasions and ideas. Hope you get inspired!

2. For your deployed soldier

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6. For Anniversary/Birthday

How To Create Your Own LoveBook- A Step By Step Guide

Creating a book may seem pretty intimidating. But it’s really not that difficult when it comes to Lovebook Online.

All you need to do is to follow these 5 steps and you will have s special and well-edited book of your own.

1. The Who and Why

Make sure that you are clear about who you are writing this book to and the purpose of it. It is the foundation of EVERYTHING else.

Maybe it’s a Valentine’s Day gift for your Significant Other. Maybe it’s an anniversary gift for your partner or maybe it’s a mother’s day gift for the most wonderful woman on earth. It can be about anything.

So write the main purpose of this book down. It will help you to come up with great ideas to fill in the book.

2. Choose the name of the book wisely

You have chosen to do things differently and create a surprise filled with love. So you must be more creative than the majority!(Applause) So don’t beat yourself up if you have been struggling for a great book title.

LoveBook Online does give you some names to choose from. But I guess someone as creative as you are will not be satisfied with the cliché like “To my better half” or “Our love story”. So we have learned from some of the best sellers and come up with 14 titles that you can choose from:

14 Romantic Book Titles For Your Lovebook

  1.  Before I’m Yours – Perfect for new relationships if you want him/her to know more about you.
  2. 50 Shades of Pink – And it can be any color that resonates with your book cover…except grey.
  3. Letters for You– Feel free to change the “you” into the name in your heart
  4. Small Great things that make me fall in love
  5. Love Between the lines
  6. I am the lucky one because of you
  7. You are the BADASS I love
  8. The Love You Give Me
  9. From me to you
  10. The 5 happiest year of my life
  11. 30 moments that stay forever
  12. Secret of the love that lasts
  13. Reasons why you will always have me
  14. One life boyfriend

3. Design the characters and cover

If you have a clear theme, it shouldn’t be hard for you to create an appealing book cover. LoveBook Online provides you with more than 100 cover templates to choose from. And you can easily modify the content, size and fonts of the title.

One big thing is that you can preset the appearance of the characters so it speaks to its audience better. Perfectionist alert here: it’s cartoon after all. So don’t expect to create a Monet piece with it:(

4. Editing the pages

This is really the fun part we like about because it lets your imagination run wild. The graphics LoveBook Online provides are so wide-range that it allows you to recreate any scene in your memory. With a few clicks and editing, you are good to go. So don’t limit yourself, try to come up with something different on every page but stay on topic at the same time.

And the good news is that they no longer charge you according to how many pages you have. So don’t hesitate to fill it with all the ideas you have. Here are INSANELY Sweet page contents to give you a hint:

5. Choose the cover type and that’s it!

You can choose from hard cover and soft cover. It’s a 5-dollar difference. In terms of preservation, the hardcover might be better. But it’s really up to you. Hardcover will be $49.95. But you can use the promo codes to make it a good deal.

A Glance at The Pros And Cons


  • Unique & Personal
  • Plenty of Room For What You Want To Say
  • Can Be Used As A Love Journal


  • Takes time to create
  • Graphics are cartoonish
  • Not for those who are looking for gifts with practical use


1.It’s a unique gift

There’s really no other copy of your own version and no better way to combine creativeness with love. 

2.It carries all that you want to say

Because adding pages doesn’t lead to any extra charges, you can put everything in, even things that you don’t normally say to them face to face. 

3.Blank spaces to fill up

All the pages inside are printed single-sided. So you can also use it as a love journal. Or maybe the receiver of this book can be a co-author by filling in his/her own version. Now, who’s making the surprise?


1.It takes time to create

Let’s be real. No matter how friendly the designing interface is, It’s still an creating process and it takes time. So if you are a last-minute gifter, try something else such as Personalized Towels or Candles that only require you to type in a name but also make a good unique gift. 

2.The cartoonish style

It’s a comic book. So make sure neither you nor the receiver is a perfectionist or a realist on art. Or they may be disappointed. 

3.It’s not really a perfect gift if you consider practicality.

Unless you use it as a journal or the book may spend the rest of its life on the bookshelf. Nobody will really carry it every day. But it does make a good love collection beside all your albums. If you are looking for more something sweet but still usable, check out our Practical but romantic gift guide.

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Our Last Thoughts

It’s a fun project and can be a gift from you to you as well. Given enough time, it might be an amazing and sweet idea to go for. 

But if you a last-minute shopper, we wouldn’t recommend you to dive in the graphics and rush out a book that may be messy and poorly organized. Here’s a video showing you some more details about LoveBook:

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  1. I gave a Love Book to my sweetheart for Christmas a couple of years ago, and he LOVED it! I was really proud of how it turned out,Truth be told, its designed to help even the least creative, appear brilliant! I am creating another book for birthday, and then who knows! I plan to have a little series collection,

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