19 Practical Gifts For Him That Are Still Thoughtful And Romantic

Sometimes it’s difficult to get it right, especially for boyfriends that are hard to shop for. Many gifts fall flat because we girls love pretty and sentimental stuff, but they may be cheesy for guys. Or sometimes it’s just probably something they don’t need to use or see upon the day of receiving it. So why not get something they will use like…every day?

We have rounded up a list practical yet romantic gifts. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Love Vouchers

A gift doesn’t always have to be “something”. By empowering your SO to ask for a massage, a dinner or a hug from you, these vouchers can play a magic role on getting both of you even tighter.

Download a free Love Voucher template from Homemade Gifts Made Easy and fill them with some wild ideas.

2. A 7-Day Cleanse Challenge

Being in a relationship is not just about having fun together. You want to be remembered as their strongest back when they are feeling tired, dreaded or down. 

Get your SO a 7-day tea cleanse package that can cheer them up and boost their energy level. Sometimes natural remedies are better than everything else.

Send a tea cleanse package at Tea Spot for $19.95

3. Waterproof Phone Case

So nothing is stopping you two from snap chatting each other, not even a bath.

Get It on Amazon 

4. An inspirational wall art

Decorate your place together with love and blessings.

Download this free printable wall art at Today We Date and start decorating today!

5. A Pair of Personalized Towels

By putting both of your names on it, it reminds him of your thoughtfulness every time the towel softly touches his skin.

Get It on Amazon

6. Personalized Love Journal

Struggling to find the perfect book for your men? Instead of getting a self-help book, why not write your own one? With a few clicks, you can fill your own love book with inspirations and he will have the best spiritual lifts.

Customize yours on LoveBook Online (various price options available) 

7. A Healing Himalayan Salt Lamp

Not only a lamp with gentle warm lights, but it also emits soothing vibration that helps your SO to relax after a long day of mental wrestling with his clients.

Get it on Amazon 

8. A Unique Key Holder

With a personalized key hook, your love is the first thing to greet him when he’s home.

Get it on Amazon

9. A set of meal prep container

If your guy is a gym regular and on a strict diet, these would be perfect.

Get a set of 16 pcs on Amazon

10. A Set Of Crystal Air Plant Holder

Rose quartz promotes self love and confidence while amethyst enhances one’s compassion and the ability to digest massive information. Getting a set of these plant holders will enlighten the vibes of his office.

Get a set on Amazon

11. A Pair Of Training Compression Leggings

That’s probably the number one fitness gear they will need.

Get a pair of Under Armour Here (various price options)

12. A Wedge Reading Pillow

Have a sore back sitting on chair for a long time? Or a night owl spending an hour on bed every night just to finish reading the daily digest? This wedge pillow provides great support for his back and neck so he can enjoy some quality time on bed with you.

Get it on Amazon

13. A 2-in-1 Phone Soap & Charger

Probably very few people understand how dirty their phones are. This portable phone soap will wipe out 99% of gems of his phone and provides extra battery time so both of you are in good hands.

Get it on Amazon

14. An Insulated Double Decker Lunch Bag

So he can go to work and anywhere with the food you prepared.

Get it on Amazon

15. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

That is chic but at the same time functional.

Get it on Amazon ( various price options available )

16. Body Back Buddy

So he can give himself a good massage even if you are not by his side or are simply too tired.

Get it on Amazon

17. A Refreshing Subscription Box

So he gets a surprise with self-care necessities every month instead of just one special day a year.

Take a short quiz at Bespoke Post to see which type of box fits into his need

18. A Massage Roller

That will help to relax his muscles and give him a good stretch after workout for 10 hours in office.

Get it on Amazon

19. An Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

He will be surprise how revitalizing it is to take 5 minutes daily to soak in his favorite scent.

Get it on Amazon

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