36 Stunning and Unique Pisces Tattoos

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Pisces, the last one on the astrology wheel, has taken in the complex features of all other 11 signs. Being a highly sensitive water sign, the Pisces are born with strong empathy and compassion. 

As a sign ruled by Neptune, Pisces are closely connected to mystery, imaginations and creativity. If you are a Pisces, people may oftentimes describe you as “living in your own world”. 

But it doesn’t mean you are isolated from reality and delusional. On the contrary, as the ending of the zodiac circle, the Fish has a highly sophisticated understanding of the world. 

It is the same case when it comes to finding a perfect zodiac tattoo. As the symbol of the Pisces zodiac sign, fish seems to be the obvious subject. 

But how to make your Pisces tattoo just as unique as you are?  We’ve gathered 36 zodiac tattoo ideas for Pisces. From blackwork to watercolor, from tiny minimalist tattoo to bold statement piece, in this post you may find your a tattoo that suits your individuality. 

36 Pisces tattoo that are ink-worthy

A double fish ink on the back

A sophisticated lunar zodiac tattoo on the arm

Ankle tattoo ideas for friends

A rib triangle tattoo that plays with colors

A fine line tattoo with stunning details and colors

An unexpected palm tattoo of the Pisces constellation

A koi tattoo on the leg

A minimalist astrology symbol tattoo on the ankle

A glittering back tattoo the Pisces symbol

A different take on the "double fish"

A bold fish tattoo on the leg

A dotwork zodiac tattoo

A back tattoo combining Pisces and Capricorn

A water color yin-yang tattoo on shoulder blade

A gradient Pisces tattoo that is simple but gorgeous

A creative Pisces tattoo with double fish tails

Geometric couple tattoos for Pisces

An sign tattoo behind the ear

A skeleton fish tattoo on the chest

Pisces symbol tattoo on the leg

The water goddess shoulder tattoo

A floral forearm tattoo

A detailed sleeve tattoo for Pisces

Wrist watercolor tattoos for Pisces girls

A delicate back tattoo design for women

A floral sleeve tattoo

A thigh tattoo with a unique sense of humor

A sophisticated zodiac tattoo on the wrist

"Trapped in the bulb"

A contrasting zodiac tattoo

A low-key blackwork wrist tattoo

A leg tattoo that is sure to capture attention

A Pisces tattoo on each side of the shoulders

A cute zodiac shoulder tattoo

A stunning back tattoo

The Pisces in a distance

Want to know more about the Pisces zodiac sign? Check out this video down below!

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