62 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas That Will Brighten Up Someone’s Day

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You’ve probably been receiving random acts of kindness at some point of your life. You may have also been giving RACK without even noticing it. 

Have you ever helped somebody out of a tough situation or just did someone a favor without planning for it in advance?

A sweet surprise like this can really make a difference in someone else’s life. But did you know that giving out random acts of kindness can also be good for your health and overall well-being

And it doesn’t require you to give up a lot. It can be as simple as a caring word, a compliment, a selfless act or a small gifts.

Here are some of the best ideas of random acts of kindness. If you are new to this concept, start small with 1 or 2 each time. We’ve also created a Christmas kindness advent calendar to give you some inspirations for making the special days more special. If you have more ideas to recommend, tell us in the comment so that we can share it as well! 

Now, onto the ideas.

37 Day-to-day Random acts of kindness ideas

Donate old clothes to Salvation Army or your local charity

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Send a care package to a deployed soldier

Smile at a random stranger

Offer to give newcomers a tour around town

Buy a meal for the homeless

Give an unsolicited compliment to your friends, family or coworkers

Leave some homemade goodies for the mailman

Let the manager of the store know when an associate gives you exceptional service

Feed the parking meter for a stranger

Clean up trash on the street or any local hotspot

Help out with a flat tyre

Visit a nursing home

Hold the door open for someone behind you

Leave a loving chalk message on the sidewalk

Volunteer at a homeless shelter

Write a thank-you note to a janitor or construction worker

Sponsor a child in need

Offer to babysit for someone you know

Give the seat on public transportation to someone in need

Participate in a fundraiser

Shovel the driveway for elderly neighbors

Give your extra changes to a street performer

Bring in donuts for your coworkers

Help someone carry the load

Put together a dinner-on-us basket for the homeless

Donate a book you love to Goodwill or your local library

Offer to walk the dogs your neighbors or a stranger

Do a 5K for charity

Offer a free dinner to needy families

Surprise your teacher with a thoughtful gift

Do the chores in the house

Fill the office pantry with snacks

Offer a free carwash for a senior

Give a ride to a hitchhiker

Buy someone a movie ticket

Share the love while inspiring others to do so

Christmas kindness advent calendar

Light up your holiday spirit by making a difference in someone’s life! 

Here are some of the best random acts of kindness ideas to put in your Christmas advent calendar this year.

Day 1: Cut out holiday coupons and stick them to related products

Day 2: Send out free flowers

Day 3: Bring homemade Christmas cookies to the neighbors

Day 4: Send out candy canes on the street with a loving note

Day 5: Visit kids in hospital with gifts and toys

Day 6: Buy coffee for strangers

Day 7: Leave a big tip at a restaurant

Day 8: Volunteer in local fire station or rescue team

Day 9: Offer a full-body massage to a family member

Day 10: Pack a homecoming goodie box for a friend

Day 11: Send Christmas cards to your old friends

Day 12: Wrap a gift for someone on shift during holidays

Day 13: Cut down a Christmas tree for a family that couldn't afford one

Day 14: Give out free hugs (or let your dog do it!)

Day 15: Write a note to a friend who may need some love

Day 16: Call a long-distance friend or family member

Day 17: Set up a booth offering free lemonade

Day 18: Leave positive notes on the lockers of your gym

Day 19: Give out DIY kindness rocks to kids in the neighborhood

Day 20: Spend time in the nursing home with someone that don't have many visitors

Day 21: Donate toys to charity

Day 22: Bake a holiday cake for local police officers

Day 23: Sing Christmas carols for your neighbors

Day 24: Tape extra change to the vending machine

Day 25: Write a note of gratitude to your family

All right. That’s all for the random acts of kindness ideas! Which one you like the most? Also if you have more RACK ideas to recommend, tell us in the comment!

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