27 Low-key Gorgeous Scorpio Tattoos That You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

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Your tattoos tell the world who you are.

That’s why when it comes to deciding what pattern to go for, most people spend tons of time scrolling through the Internet. It’s not always easy to find a tattoo that is unique, personal and aesthetically appealing. 

That’s why a Zodiac sign tattoo is the top choice for lots of people out there, especially when getting the first tattoo. If you are reading this right now, you are probably thinking about the same thing. 

And being a proud Scorpio, you are probably looking for something extraordinarily different from anyone else. 

It’s not like getting a giant scorpion inked on the thigh will scare you. But why do something so expected and have it last for a lifetime?

So if you are a Scorpio, we’ve gathered 27 Scorpio tattoo ideas that are gorgeous but not t00 much. Now onto the ideas.

27 Low-key Gorgeous Scorpio Tattoos

A Scorpio "Star-girl" tattoo on the forearm

This tattoo perfectly combines cuteness with mysteriousness. Everyone will have his own interpretation and it will keep people guessing of the real story behind it.

The star-gazing panda tattoo

A floral constellation tattoo

Minimalist lunar tattoo

The connected planets on the back

Scorpio tattoo for cat lovers

You Scorpions are probably the most “catty” out of the 12 zodiac signs – doing only what you wanna do and not being scared of the unknown and uncertainty. If this sounds like you, consider getting a zodiac tattoo combined with cats!

A symbolic ear-back tattoo

A tiny scorpion tattoo on the foot

A cute constellation tattoo

A tribal tattoo with constellation background

A bold Scorpio symbol

Humming bird compass tattoo

A blackwork scorpion back tattoo

A galaxy rhombus tattoo

Scorpio constellation in the palms tattoo

A realistic small scorpion tattoo on the back of forearm

A black constellation tattoo on the foot

A symbolic finger tattoo

Moon phase tattoo combined with Scorpio constellation

A watercolor tattoo on the shoulder

A floral constellation rib tattoo

A scorpion tattoo with inspiring quotes

A moon tattoo with flowers in the shape of Scorpio constellation

A black realistic scorpion tattoo with rose

A minimalist constellation tattoo

A simple constellation below the collarbone

A tribal scorpion tattoo

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