3 Tips To Start A Feel-good Self-care Routine (+Free printable self-care planners)

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Nobody’s gonna wake up wanting to sabotage his day, right? 

In an ideal world, self-care and self-love should be more of an instinct rather than a topic that everyone talks about. The popularity of this topic shows how neglected it is in our life. But why?

There are so many reasons behind poor self-care practice. But in most cases, we are not deliberately going AGAINST self-care, we are just overlooking it due to busy schedules or the lack of know-hows.

If this sounds like you, you are with good company. In this post you’ll find 3 simple tips to make self-care a doable routine that fits into your lifestyle. And our friends from Shari’s Berries have also created 4 amazing self-care printables to help you get started. 

So make sure to keep scrolling. Now onto the tips. 

3 Tips To Get Started On Self-care

1. Get things out of your way or down onto paper

From the time the sun rises to the time it sets, every minute of our day-to-day life is usually packed with a million things to do. 

Whether it’s getting the kids ready for school, sitting in long commutes, putting in a full day at the office or just running errands, it can be easy to forget to take a moment and focus on yourself

So to start self-care, the first thing to do is to prioritize YOU ahead of everything else. That means crossing out anything that is not important from your to-do list. Get help for those you can’t avoid or schedule them for later. 

Start to brain dump the mess in your head, note them down on your bullet journal and make room for things that make you happy.

If getting all aspects of your life organized sounds a little intimidating, this self-care checklist will give some clues. 

How many “smiley faces” you’ve got? Tell us in the comment!

2. Schedule your self-care routine

Today we have all the powerful tools that boost productivity. But we are also more distracted than ever. If your self-care ideas are scattered somewhere in your head, then they are nowhere to be found when you actually need it.

The best course of action is to schedule in the things you want to do for self-care. Schedule that haircut or massage. Schedule a short phone call with friends or family during your break at work. Schedule lunch with friends. If you write it down you have 99% more of possibility to actually doing that.

And we’ve got you covered as well with this daily self-care planner. Print it out and start noting down your self-care ideas so you’ll never miss them again.

3. Start small and keep tracking

Self-care shouldn’t be time-consuming and intimidating. To make your self-care routine into a habit, it’s better to start with a thing or two and gradually taking in new ideas.

For example, start giving yourself a pampering message before going to bed. Or treat yourself with a cup of pumpkin spice latté at 3pm. Keep a habit tracker or a mood tracker as you go.

The tracking gives you a visual evidence of self-improvement and provides positive feedback to keep you going. 

You don’t need to adopt a “fancy” routine that contain a million self-care activities. Just pick what works the best for you and be flexible.

So here are all the tips on starting a self-care routine and turn it into a habit. 

Feel free to adjust your self-care practice as you go. You’ll find the perfect routine for you with a little trial and error.

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