32 Gorgeous Virgo Tattoos That Anyone Into Astrology​ Will Love

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Tattoos are all about self-expression -it’s you telling the world who are are as a person and what you believe in. 

This can be a quote that motivates you. Or it can be a simple but interesting design that shows off your weirdness, or, a zodiac tattoo.

There’s a reason why zodiacs are one of the evergreen themes of tattoos. For some of us, our zodiacs probably describe our shining spots or secret traits better than words.

And for Virgo, who has zero tolerance for error, getting a zodiac-related tattoo seems like a choice that couldn’t go wrong.

But not all Virgos share the same characteristics and aesthetics. That’s why we’ve rounded up 32 Virgo tattoo ideas that may be bold, simple, minimalist or out-of-this-world. 

If you are lucky enough to be a Virgo, it’s time to wake up your senses and detect your next ink!

32 Gorgeous Virgo Tattoos

A Virgo goddess tattoo on the arm

A Virgo symbol tattoo below the ear

A simple but meaningful tattoo below collarbone

A bold goddess tattoo on the black

A sleek constellation tattoo on the back

Flower tattoo with Virgo constellation

Stunning zodiac tattoos for Virgo - OurMindfulLife.com

Tattoo design from mrtnv

A Virgo mandala arm tattoo

Stunning zodiac tattoos for Virgo - OurMindfulLife.com

Tattoo design from Charlotte Ann Harris

A stars and landscape tattoo with a story to tell

Stunning zodiac tattoos for Virgo - OurMindfulLife.com

Tattoo design from B I C E M • S I N I K

Tiny ear-back Virgo symbol tattoo

A complex tattoo design that combines all Virgo elements

A floral constellation tattoo on the shoulder

A lunar tattoo on the back

A detailed dotted line work

A bold colored tattoo on the arm

A minimalist constellation tattoo on the back

An arm tattoo for the moon child

And no. You don’t need to be a Cancer to be a moon child.

A colored stars tattoo

A constellation tattoo behind the ear

A tribal arrow tattoo with Virgo constellation in the background

A watercolor triangle

An arm tattoo that symbolizes the Virgo goddess

Virgo is oftentimes associated with Demeter – the Greek goddess of wheat. If you are over constellations and zodiac symbols, consider wheat as your inkspiration.

Matching couple zodiac tattoos

A proud center-of-universe tattoo

Chic symbolic tattoo with clean lines

A tiny Virgo finger tattoo

A bold statement piece

Cute moon tattoo on the back

An adventure-seeker tattoo for the Virgo

A goddess tattoo with refined details

A tattoo that brings a little zen to Virgo

A simple constellation tattoo

A watercolor tattoo with the date of birth

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