45 Feel-good Self-care Ideas For Fall

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Prioritize your well-being with these 45 autumn self-care ideas.

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”

Crisp and cool air, the smell of pumpkin spice, fall has a lot to love and offer.

While the holiday season is ahead of us, it’s now the prime time to reboot and keep our spirit up all the way to the end of the year.

We’ve rounded up 45 fall self-care ideas to pamper yourself and keep you grounded.

45 Wholesome Fall Self-care Ideas

1. Go to a spontaneous self-staycation

Find an Airbnb nearby and stay overnight.


2. Soak your feet before bed

A warm salt or vinegar foot spa is just as good as a cozy bath.


3.Bake something

Cookies, cupcakes, s’mores…Everything sweet.


4. Do yoga

Research has proven the benefits of doing yoga, both physically and mentally. Not a yogist already? Give it a try this fall.


 5. Go hiking

And chase fall foliage at the same time!


6. Track your water intake

In this season, you need water more than ever. Use an app or a tracking water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

7. Pet your cat


Watch a funny cat video on Youtube if you don’t own one.

8. Make a vision board

Keep your eyes on the big picture and forget about New Year resolutions.

9. Declutter your home

Do a mini fall clean followed by a yard sale. Make sure your place is clutter-free before the party season arrives.

10. Try meditation

With Halloween and Thanksgiving on the corner, a to-do list looks all of a sudden 10 times longer. A monkey mind is not what you want to deal with to get sh*t done.

Meditation is a great exercise to stop your mind from kittening around. Here are 7 bite-sized tips on how to begin meditating.


11. Follow a sleep talk-down before bed

For those suffering from a seasonal blue or insomnia, sleep talk downs help to fall asleep as well as improving sleep quality. 

12. Take a deep breath

Breath in positivity, breath our negative thoughts. This fall self-care idea is free and easy to implement. 

13. Aromatherapy

Put 3 drops of your favorite essential oil in the diffuser and enjoy the soothing autumn ritual before bed.


14. Make a happy list

Dedicate a page in your bullet journal for all the delightful things. It can be a treat, a movie, a toy or anything. When you feel overwhelmed this fall, pick one or two to do or enjoy!


Here are more self-care layouts to add to your bullet journal.

15. Try the Whole 30 diet

Reboot your body and soul with clean fuel. Seasonal goodies are flocking the market. It’s now the best time to treat yourself with real food.


16. Do a face mask

Or masks. Or maskssss.

17. Get a new pair of shoes

Whether it’s for work, for the gym or just for the sake of it, you can’t possibly run of reasons to buy shoes. 


18. Go stargazing

Or just gaze at the stars from your balcony. 


19. Go for a drive

Hop on a spontaneous road trip for a day, an afternoon or just for an hour. Roll down the window and enjoy the cool crisp autumn breeze.

20. Netflix and chill

21. Use all your leftovers in the fridge to cook a meal

Here are a variety of leftover recipes for tonight.


22. Help out at an animal shelter

The best fall self-care idea may not be about yourself at all.


23. Organize the photos in your phone

Clean them up and only keep what matters. Letting go is the first step of getting your life organized.

24.Build yourself an indoor garden

Greens are powerful delights, for both home and mood.


25. Change up your workout routine

Fall is a season when we tend to get “too cozy“. If you feel unmotivated for working out, it’s time to switch cardio to strength training.

Hate squat? HIIT is a great way to boost your mood and burn fat at the same time.

26. Unfriend those toxic people in your life

Detox your life circle by removing narcissist from your life.


27. Make something from scratch

Crafting, baking or drawing, your call.


28. Online window shopping

You don’t need to spend a dime for the fun of it. And it’s also time for some early Christmas gift ideas.

29. Build a good habit

Start from the smallest thing like going to bed before 11 pm. And track it with your bullet journal.

30. Visit local tourist sites

Take a day to visit places tourist flock to. Explore like a true newcomer in the city. Maybe you’ll fall in love again with the town.

31. Go to a free outdoor festival

32. Try out costumes for Halloween

It’s never too early to get yourself spook-ready.


33. Roast some veggies

For those who hate greens, try roasting them with salt and pepper.


34. Carve on a pumpkin

35. Collect fallen leaves of different colors and make a scrapbook


36. Make a fall wreath

And make it your seasonal home statement.


37. Find a bench and do nothing for an hour

Enjoy a moment of peace and serenity watching people come and go.


38. Visit a new place

Do you have a travel bucket list? Find somewhere affordable with great fall views and hop on the next flight.


39. Decorate the house

Give your snook a joyful autumn makeover.


40. Create a hygge playlist


41. A photo safari

Capture seasonal scenery with your phone. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll love this refreshing fall self-care idea.


42. Read a book


43. Donate old clothes

Declutter your wardrobe. Give back to the community and help those in need.


44. Go bike riding


45. Go to a Ferris wheel

To see your city from a new angle.


So here are all fall self-care ideas. Which one is your favorite for the season? Tell us in the comment!

45 Feel-good self-care ideas for Autumn - a list of self-care activities to strengthen wellness and boost energy this fall

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