9 Amazing Bullet Journal Ideas That Cultivate Self-care

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It’s so easy to get stressed and distracted these days. Sometimes we may spend a day bouncing from tab to tab but feel frustrated for not getting anything done.

Bullet journaling is a great way to get things organized on paper and a powerful tool to boost productivity. 

Besides getting your to-do-list items checked, it’s important to take care of yourself as well. Bullet journaling can also help us to declutter mentally and build up a self-care routine.

Here are 9 bullet journal ideas that keep yourself in check in a busy schedule. Let’s dig in. 

What is Self-care?

Simple enough, self-care is anything you do to take care of yourself.

That means doing what you need to do to make yourself happy and feel the best both mentally, physically and emotionally. Because as an individual, we all have different needs and standards. Thus our ways of self-care may vary. This can be as huge as leaving a toxic relationship or as easy as taking a warm bath before bed.

To help you to understand your self-care needs and to better utilize these self-care bullet journal ideas, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What are the things that make me happy and relaxed?
  • What do I need to feel complete?
  • What are the things that consume most of my energy?
  • What are the biggest obstacles I have to take care of myself?
  • What are the things I am already doing daily to take care of myself?

Answering these simple questions may give you some clarity about your self-care needs. Write down your answers and try utilize the following bullet journal ideas to establish your own “self-care checking system”.

Self-care Bullet Journal Ideas

1. A Happy List

When work and stress are pouring down on our shoulder, it’s relieving to have something by our side that brings the joy of life. So note down those things on your bullet journal. Don’t limit yourself to physical items. A good read, a movie or an unforgettable song can all be a great mood-booster.

After listing all the things that will make you happy, you may find that it’s actually not difficult to break away from daily stress and burnout.

2. A Self-care To-do List

It’s an obvious option to include a daily to-do list in our bullet journal. But taking care of yourself also deserves a top spot in your agenda. 

So why not make a self-care to-do list to go together with your daily schedule?

We are in love with the idea of a “stressful-day-go-to” list. It is like a mental first-aid kit and brings back the peace even when things are rough.

💡Tip: Self-care can be a REALLY big concept to work with. And you don’t need to aim for a complete list of self-care activities from the get-go. Start small and save some empty pages for later.

If you have trouble coming up with self-care things to do, try to start from listing the categories like the following: 

3. A Mood Tracker

Getting your mood in check is so important. If you are taking good care of yourself,  you will be seeing more and more “good days” in your monthly mood tracker.

Here we’ve listed some of the best bullet journal mood tracker ideas that we couldn’t take our eyes off.

4. A Water Log

Drinking water is simple yet so many of us just completely neglect it. It’s the basic of basic when it comes to taking care of yourself. 

So if you tend to forget your 8 glasses per day, it’s time to track your water intake using bullet journal. 

5. A Gratitude Log

Practicing gratitude is a great way to bring inner peace and positive vibes to our lives. When you are thankful of what you have and appreciate life as it is, you’ll have less stress and more joy.

Documenting things to be grateful for is a good start of practicing gratitude. Take some time to review your gratitude list every week and it may just wash away any anger, anxiety and frustration in your mind.

Here are 4 different styles of keeping a gratitude log in your bujo:

Apart from logging your daily gratitudes, knowing how to practice gratitude will keep you in a good mood as well. ProFlowers has gathered 42 doable ways to practice gratitude

If you have just started practicing, start simple with these 12 gratitude ideas:

6. A Sleep Log

We all know that sleeping is CRAZILY important for our health. But do you know how much and how well you’ve been sleeping? 

Keeping a sleep log bullet journal will help you to find out the answer.

We also love the following idea of combing a sleep log with a mood tracker. It makes it more clear to see how our mood is affected by the amount of sleep we get. SLEEP MORE:)

7. A Brain-dump List

Self-care does not only mean to do something MORE to stay in our best form. Sometimes we need to ELIMINATE things that drag us down, like our mind clutters so that we can reboot mentally

Here we’ve created a brain-dump list template. Feel free to download with the link down below:

Self-care does not only mean to do something MORE to stay in our best form. Sometimes we need to ELIMINATE things that drag us down, like our mind clutters so that we can reboot mentally. 

Here we’ve created a brain-dump list template. Feel free to download with the link down below:

8. A Meditation Diary

Meditation cultivates mindfulness and relieves stress. But some find it hard to turn it into a habit. If you just start meditating, keeping a meditation diary would be helpful to track your progress.

Here in the meditation tracker down below, Dan @pacificnotation uses thickness of the line to mark down the duration of each meditation practice.

But you can also use different colors, words or index to keep track on your meditation sessions like these two down here:

9. Entertainment list

What’s your favorite things to do in your me-time? Movies? Netflix? 

These are the things to kill time with but they are also relaxing. So dedicate a page in your bullet journal to the songs, movies, TV series or books you love. You will never run out of relaxing ideas when you need to take a break.

So here are 9 self-care bullet journal ideas. Hope that they help in some way.

Don’t forget to start small.  Pick one or two ideas to implement and you’ll soon find out what works for you and your bullet journal.

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