Free Printable Self-care Bingo Game

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So here’s the thing. 

No one will wake up in the morning and say to himself/herself: “Hmm. I’m not going to love myself or take care of myself today”. 

Most of the time, we just forget. Self-care is nothing like an urgent item on your to-do list. When your agenda is all filled up with meetings and project deadlines, self-care has no chance to live.

So if you want to make self-care a habit, why not make it something fun to do?

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That’s why we’ve created this printable self-care bingo game with a list of basic self-care ideas. Print it out and try to cross them all in a month or so

We’ve also created a blank template so you can create your own bingo. 

Use it like a weekly or daily self-care checklist or as a reminder. 

Keep the same self-care routine on the bingo or switch things up a little bit each month!

Free Printable Self-care Bingo

Here are some self-care ideas on this printable bingo:


One of the most underrated mindful practice. Start with a 10-minute session and observe the change in your focus and inner peace.

Take a warm bath

Light up some candles and add a few drops of essential oil if you like.

Keep a journal


Follow a tutorial or simply freestyle in the living room.


Relieve the tight muscles of your neck, your back and your legs. Use a foam roller to make it even more effective.

Do yoga

And try to make it a habit for mind-body balance.

Help someone

Here a list of random acts of kindness ideas to start with.

Eat chocolate

Take a nap

Stop rushing through your to-do list and take time to recharge when you feel tired.

Go for a walk

Nature has a magical calming power. Take a long walk in the park or by the lake.

Listen to soothing music


Embrace your creativity and make something from scratch.

Declutter your space

Make room for your body and soul.


Gently massage on the stiff area of your body before going to sleep.

Cook for yourself

Enjoy the process of meal-prepping and cooking for no one else but you. Try new recipes from time to time.

Hug a loved one

Physical contact will bring a sense of comfort and will keep you two closer.

Read a short novel

Allow your mind to have a break from real life and flow as the story goes. 

Buy yourself flowers

Because you are the one that deserves your love the most.

Do a brain dump

List all the things that you should dump from your mind. For our brain to function properly, it’s a must to keep it free from hazards. 

Here’s a guide plus a free printable for detoxing your mind.

Celebrate small achievements

 Learn something new today? Complete a 3k? Buy yourself a gift or treat yourself when small improvements are made.

Make a quote list

Keep a list of quotes that inspire you or make you laugh. When you have a bad day, read the quotes and it may help to brighten up your mood.

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Watch a random talk

A TED talk or anything motivational or informative. Take it as a dose of inspiration.

Call an old friend

Or send a text message to reconnect.

Drink a cup of green tea

Feel free to switch if you are a coffee person.

Ok. So that’s a wrap for all these fundamental self-care ideas. Click the button down below to download the printable bingo!

Just a sweet reminder: making time for yourself is never selfish. You are amazing and deserve to be put at the top of your list.

Feel free to tell us what you think in the comment!

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