Own Your Me-time: 21 Awesome Ideas of Dating Yourself

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Most of us would spend time to plan for a date. But you probably haven’t dated the most important person — Yourself.

This is one of the biggest benefits of being single. It literally pushes you to date yourself and come up with creative ideas to make yourself happy. 

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you find yourself being single on Valentine’s Day or birthdays. It can be the best self-exploration day. There are so much more to do than sinking in your couch watching Netflix all day. Take yourself on a date and who knows, you may fall in love with flying solo.

Here are 21 subtle ways to date yourself that will change how you feel about being single. 

21 Fun Self-date Ideas To Try

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1. Movie Night

Yes, you will be surrounded by the crazy-in-love couples but if the movie is good enough, who cares anyway? 

You don’t need anyone else to see a great movie. Oh, don’t forget to check if there’s an available discount on the ticket.

If you are more of a homebody, stay at home and binge on Netflix then. Popcorn and soda sound like a cute date, right?

2. Cheat meal!

Throw your diet out of the window (for a day:)). Arrange a cheat meal (or cheat day) for yourself once a week and allow yourself to have all the good things in life: chocolate, fries, cookies, donuts…you name it.

cheat yourself a meal! -21 self date ideas to spoil yourself - OurMindfullife.com

source: Pinterest

3. Get yourself a new look

Get that dress in the window that you’ve been dying to get for a long time. Give yourself a little makeover and maybe try the styles you’ve never tried before. You will be amazed how fresh you look and how happy you are with just being you.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a good way to relieve the stress from work and it is said to be helpful for insomnia, headache and ADHD. 

If you have time, take 20 minutes, put yourself in a lotus position and try meditate. You may fall in love with this self-exploratory practice.

Try meditation -  21 self date ideas to boost your energy - OurMindfullife.com

5. Take a relaxing bath

A hot bath will warm your body and calm your soul. Take however long you want until you soak all your blues in the water. 

What’s even better? Grab your favorite read, a drink, light up some candles, put them on a bathing tray and enjoy some me-time in your own spa.

Take a hot bath - 21 self date ideas to treat yourself - OurMindfullife.com

source: Pinterest

6. Shoot a new profile picture

Hire a photographer to take a new profile photo for you. It’s not just a self-gift but can also elevate your confidence in the professional world. When you look good, you will feel good.

Take a new profile picture - 21 self date ideas to treat yourself - OurMindfullife.com

image from Emily Anderson

7. Random Acts Of Kindness

You may have already done RAOK, or random acts of kindness, without noticing it.

It simply means to do something good for strangers, abandoned animals or anybody out of no reason. By helping those in need, your mood will be elevated and you will feel happier.

It doesn’t have to money-related. If you have any clothes or accessories, donate them to local charities. Or spend some time volunteering.

Here’s an amazing chart of RAOK ideas from PB Teen that may give you some hints: 

Random acts of kindness - 21 self-date ideas to boost your happiness and energy - OurMindfullife.com

8. Brunch at your favorite café

Sunday brunches are the best. Enjoy a lazy and cozy day doing nothing but chilling out!

9. Solo karaoke

Singing helps to relieve stress and depression. Pick some songs, sing it out and embrace your inner diva

Here’s a list you should try whether in a karaoke or just singing in the bathroom:

Sing to the "feel good" songs - 21 self date ideas to treat yourself - OurMindfullife.comsource: Pop Sugar

10. Hit the gym and sweat

If you are super bumped out of being single, you can actually use some endorphins. And honestly what can be better than sweating your way to a perfect body and pure joy!

11. Read a book

that may bring you greater comfort than a lover.

12. A date with Mother Nature

Woods, sunshine, and streams are powerful natural mood lifters. Go on a hike in the nearest trail or a solo picnic by the lake. Let the soothing breeze be your best companion.

Spend time in the nature - 21 self date ideas to treat yourself - OurMindfullife.comsource: Pinterest

13. Cook yourself a real dinner

Try a new recipe or simply create one. Light up some candles and treat yourself just like a formal table-for-two.

14. Get a tattoo

Get a tattoo​ to impress no one but you  - 21 self date ideas to treat yourself - OurMindfullife.com

source: @steviegas

A tattoo can be a self-motivation, a motto, a statement and so much more. If you’ve been longing for putting some “attitude” on your body, go for it.

15. Real Food Date

Your body deserves the best thing on earth. Try to live a “process-free” life and fill your meals with whole food, real and fresh ingredients.

If you are an Amazon Prime member,  you can enjoy a free trial of Amazon Fresh and have the fresh grocery delivered straight to your home.

16. Go out and Shop

Buy things you've added to the cart for long - 21 self date ideas to treat yourself - OurMindfullife.com


Hit all the shops yelling “V-day Special Offer” and get all the things you want with the almost-best price of the year.

17. Go on a solo trip

Go on a solo trip- 21 self date ideas to treat yourself - OurMindfullife.com

source: @recesscity

If you don’t have any planning, follow the 3 steps: check out Airbnb, book an awesome house and pack your bags and let’s get the party started. 

Who knows, maybe your meant-to-be is booking the tickets for the same destination as well.

Practice self-love with daily affirmations.
Download the 7-day printable affirmation cards:)

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18. Day of unplugging

Arrange a day free from Instagram feeds, Facebook lives or anything that is not really important. Detach from your phone and bring the paper back.

Bullet journaling, reading books, coloring pages…pick one to your liking. Leave the Internet chaos behind and enjoy a day of self-exploratory.

19. Go on an adventure with your single partner-in-crime

Girls’ dates are the best. 

Call your bestie and make plans together. Visit a place you have never been to. Play some sports you’ve never tried. Do something crazy like skydiving. You will have a day beyond memorable. 

20. Play a game that satisfies your wildest imagination

Download a simulation game of any kind, such as Episode. Choose a story and type in the name of your secret crush. And Do Whatever You Want.

21. Post a Galentine’s Day selfie

Throw a celebration party and get all your single friends here. Take a crazily gorgeous selfie that hijacks everyone’s Instagram feed.

So here you go. 

I hope that you find it helpful and really wants to give it a try. 

If you have any single friends that need some inspirations, feel free share this post with them:)

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  1. I felt excited when you said that you can chill out if you want to enjoy a lazy and cozy day at your favorite cafe. Actually, my fiance and I broke up. What I want is to find a way to enjoy things on my own. Since I actually find it relaxing to drink and eat, I’ll find a sports bar where I can spend enjoying my night.

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