23 Thought-provoking Questions To Boost Your Self-awareness

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Do you know yourself?

It sounds like a ridiculous question with an obvious answer.

But if you take one step back, are you thoroughly clear about your strength, your weakness, your intentions and your goals?

Self-awareness is a huge topic that could be rather abstract and there are so many different versions when it comes to the definition.

So here in this post, we will be discussing this topic along with 23 self-awareness questions to test how well you know yourself.

What Is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness is the comprehensive knowledge about yourself

“Comprehensive” means every aspect of you, including your personality, strengths, weaknesses, emotions, passion and more. 

“Knowledge” refers to an objective and non-judgemental evaluation.

Dr. Philippe Rochat suggests 5 different levels of self-awareness: confusion, differentiation, situation, identification and permanence. 

The final stage will be the capability to see yourself in a third person’s perspective

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Why should you care about self-awareness anyway?

Sometimes what we feel can lie to us. Feelings are highly subjective.

Without self-awareness, our emotions may lead us to the “fake” beliefs of ourselves.

If you know yourself well and are able to judge yourself from a third person’s perspective, it’s much easier to break away from the emotion strings.

You will understand why you succeed, why you fail, what you want and what you need to do to next. 

Knowing yourself is like having a compass sailing on the ocean. It keeps our eyes on the goal.

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A 5 minute Self-interview to know yourself better

We have rounded up 23 self-awareness questions broken it down into the different aspects. 

Depending on the knowledge about yourself, they may take 5 minutes or more to answer. So grab a pen and a piece of paper if you may. Stay honest with your instincts when answering these questions. 

1.Self-awareness questions on values and life goals

  • How will your ideal you be like?
  • What is your biggest dream or goal?
  • What it means to you to achieve your dreams or goals, why are they worth fighting for?
  • What’s in your way towards your dream?
  • Rank the most important things in your life (career, money, family, love, knowledge…)
  • What is the proportion of time dedicated to these items accordingly? (if most of your time is given to the less important things, you should think about reprioritizing your schedule)
  • If you have children, what would you recommend them to do or not do?

2. Self-awareness questions on personality

  • What are the 3 words that best describe yourself
  • Has your personality changed since childhood? If so, why?
  • Is your personality similar to that of your parents?
  • What quality do you admire the most about yourself?
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • What is your biggest strength?
  • What scares you the most?
  • How do you make a decision? By intuition or logical analysis?
  • Name the biggest “What if” in your mind.

3. Self-awareness questions on relationships and love

  • How will an ideal intimate relationship be like to you?
  • Are you satisfied with your current relationship status?
  • If you only have 5 minutes more to live, who will you call and what will you say?
  • Name one person that you love/loved the most.
  • Describe the best moment of all the relationships you’ve been in.
  • Describe the most devastating moment of all the relationships you’ve ever had.
  • Do you treat yourself better than others? 

If you can come up with answers to all these questions effortlessly, you may already have a high level of self-awareness.

It’s totally normal if it takes you some time to dig out the answers. You are in the process of self-exploring and there’s no need to rush through it.

At first, some of these questions may be difficult to answer. Some of them will force us to face the painful part of our memory. But they can help giving you some insights about yourself.

Keep in mind that there is no “correct” answer or the “best” interpretation. It’s a self-discovery process that leads you to dig deep within. 

How to use these questions to improve self-awareness?

By finishing these 23 self-awareness questions for the first time, you may have already learnt about yourself from a different perspective.

If you want to take this self-awareness practice one step further, here are a few tips:

1. Repeat this self-interview every now and then

The thing is, our views change. Our experiences and knowledge will help us to see things in a different way.

So it may be helpful to print these questions out or to write down on your journal. Do this interview every month or so. And you may have some new findings about yourself each time.

2. Ask someone else to answer these questions for you

This is the most effective way to see the gap between how you think of yourself and how others think of you.

Ask someone that is close to you to answer some of these questions, etc your Significant Other, a family member or your best friend.

It may sound awkward. You may even find it embarrassing for some of the answers. But you will also develop a more objective understanding of yourself in this process.

Practice self-love with daily affirmations. Download the 7-day printable affirmation cards:)

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What is your go-to activity to cultivate self-awareness? Tell us in the comment!

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  1. This was beautiful and so well thought out! A lot of the answers came easily to me, and others took some time to really ponder… I finished with a sense of peace and comfort in myself. Thank you for writing!

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